This Elche CF announced this Wednesday marketafter the match Last day of Major League LaLiga Santanderin front Getafewill begin half past five in the eveningTo enjoy the continuity for the third consecutive season of the highest category of Spanish football, he will be celebrating a party with all his franchiverde fans.

In order for a large number of followers to attend the meeting and the party, the Elche club has put very cheap prices on tickets for non-subscribers. Locality will only be worth five euros in the upper ring, ten euros in the background and curves, primarily 20 euros and 30 euros in the stands. The goal is to enjoy a great afternoon, celebrate persistence and assist the team. francisco Achieving a victory that would allow him to reach 42 points and break the historical record for points in the highest category, as it was decided to award three points for each win in the 1995-1996 season. Best record 41 since the 2014-2015 season. Fran Summer On the bench, however, in the end, the Franchiverde team suffered an administrative relegation.

“Without a doubt, this season will be remembered for its permanence,” Elche said in a statement. tagline: To Elche! A way to understand life and footballHe once again guided Elche CF to achieve a well-deserved and hard-won goal that he always knew how to overcome, despite all the obstacles that arose, until he reached his final goal. Now is the time to enjoy a new success, which means that our club will celebrate its centennial in the First Division. 24th season of Spanish football elite“.

That’s why they say from the Elche club”Martínez Valero once again key in supporting his team towards goalwill open the curtain in an exciting course. The match against Getafe CF on Sunday at 17:30 is to reach the highest historical score in LaLiga Santander. And then celebrate a lasting A lo Elche together: After the match, a farewell ceremony for the season will be held on the same field with all the spectators in their places.“.

At the time, it’s half past five in the afternoon and although the meeting is of “small” importance, he believes there will be a large participation of the public from the franjiverde establishment he trusts and he will have an unforgettable afternoon.