Last Saturday, May 14, the youngest members of the Elche line hockey team were declared champions. FA Cup Controversial in the Valencian Community in Sagunto.

Two teams from the province of Alicante played an exciting final, leading the Halcones captains Yuri to take the lead at the start of the match. Titans reaching the last minute, a Titans captain goal Reached the penalty round where Angel and goalkeeper Martina were impenetrable, just like she did semi-finals, stops all penalties. It was a penalty from Luca that declared the Titans champions and gave them the victory.

Made up of Javier, Luca, Daniel, Valeria, Angel, H├ęctor, Leo, Claudia, Martina Sola, Carlos and Martina Oliva, many of whom are young, the Titanes team made a great effort and played as a team against Halcones. to be a team

Both in the final and in the final championship The atmosphere among all the teams, players and fans was like a great sports festival where everyone can experience and enjoy the beauty of this sport.