jake danielsstriker black pool An Englishman became the first professional football player in England in three decades to openly come out as gay on Monday.

player with whom 17 years Signing his first contract last February, Sky News said ‘The time is right to do this’ and thanked the support he received from the club and his teammates.

“For a long time I thought I’d have to hide the truth because I wanted to be and I’m actually a professional football player now. I asked myself if I should wait until I retire. get out of the closetbecause no other professional football player ever came here,” Daniels explained.

“But I knew for a long time that it meant lying and not being or not being myself. live the life I want”complo.

Before that, in 1990, Justin FashanThe Norwich and Manchester City player admitted to being gay only to the tabloid ‘The Sun’ after learning that a newspaper was about to publish it.

Daniels said on Monday he decided he wanted it “after long deliberation”. “Be free” and let people know your “true self”.

“Since I’ve told my family, club and teammates, the period of overthinking and stress has evaporated. sanity. Now I only trust myself and I’m happy to finally be myself”told.

“My teammates have been hugely supportive, they’ve all supported me. They asked tons of questions, they were very interested and the response was great. This was the best thing I could ask for“The player added.

The actor admitted that homosexuality is still a “.taboo“In professional locker rooms.

“Of course I’m aware that there will be a backlash and it will be partially homophobic, maybe in a stadium or on social networks. That’s an easy target.”afflicted.

“I look at it this way: I play football and they shout, but they pay to watch me and I live my life and make money from it. you can shout all you wantno,” he stressed.