In almost no time digesting bad drink losing third place in a game with very questionable football tastes, Caramel of the Well He tried to put his best face on the time of boredom and unrest, both inside and outside the dressing room. The trace of the disaster that left the team together marmalade On the last day of the normal phase, where the Blues and Whites are confident, but they didn’t measureit caused the sports director to try to turn the page, albeit verbally.

This architect As part of the project, he argues, a promotion phase fades into the background when the inaction of teams arrives when the qualifying rounds come. Segovian technician, The so-called humility of Unión AdarveIn Madrid’s El Pilar district, a team with almost no social mass and very similar numbers to Hercules’ despite finishing second in Group 1.

“This another competitionIt’s a very different short from what happened in the other 34 days,” said Del Pozo to the locker room directed by Sergio Mora, who remained faithful despite failing to beat his relegated opponents in the last two games weeks ago.

The sports director in blue and white, the team he coached Diego Nogales “A very good team like every second in the group” and stood out on Saturday (9.30 in the evening.) is a block «this knows how to play in this category» implies that the people of Madrid are committed not to valuable play, but to pragmatism.

“He competed with a great like him until the end. Pontevedra. we will have to do one this is a very good game to save the draw“, said Del Pozo, after praising the goal-scoring ability of his two forwards, the Castilian coach reiterated, before adding that it would be “a game of heads or tails and nothing else worth winning.” Montejo and the goalkeeperwhich attachments twelve targets Each of them in this campaign.

“We have to think for ourselves and go one step further in every way.. hit the table and show that we deserve to pass,” explained the Blue and White sports director to his players. “mentally strong”.