reality Valencia CF For several years he has been immersed in more than a fragile financial situation, perhaps the most uncompromising situation in the club’s history and a social crisis caused by the management of the current property. Over the years, the recession has worsened, and looking to the near future, the waters won’t calm down far from it. In some conversations with SUPERDEPORTE’s current chairman Anil Murthy, a media belonging to the same publishing group as this newspaper, the leader describes the harsh reality of Valencia CF in the economics section: “You are leaving this year with a deficit of 50 (millions of euros). It is very difficult to have a staff of over 70 million in Valencia. Where will we find more money? We will not pay more than 4 million (salary to any player)”Citing another LaLiga club as an example, Anıl said, “The only way is to have a very good sports director like Sevilla, sell and buy, but you have to be there.”


  • Anıl Murthy’s words about Carlos Soler: “I’ll kill you in front of all the press if you get out for free in January”

  • “If I tell him: Gayà, I won’t be signing too much next year… He’ll think, what am I doing here?”

“This comes from many years of overspending, we started with Negredos, Abdennour, Guedes, Maxi Gómez, Cillessen… Valencia can’t sign 30-40 players”

Sports planning for the upcoming season is definitely the biggest concern for Valencia fans right now, especially given the precedent of recent summers. Audio recordings reveal that the president blamed an alarming lack of cash and refused any option to claim a loan: “What will we do next season? I have to pay salary. Where will I get 100 million money? Another loan? bad idea? So… (we have to sell)”. Anıl also details the reasons that led to this street with a difficult exit: “This is due to overspending for many years, we started with Negredos, Abdennour, Guedes, Maxi Gómez, Cillessen…El Valencia cannot sign players between the ages of 30-40. He wasn’t always able to sign them.”

In his speeches, Anıl refers to the 2018/19 season, which is much more successful and economically less difficult than the previous seasons, but not without it: “After 18/19 we entered the Champions League, we won the Cup and we have a staff cost of about 165 million. What are we entering? We have 70-80 TVs, roughly between 12 and 14 per subscriber. But it costs us 6 million a year to open Mestalla. In general, we are talking about a maximum of 120 million.”, details the president and makes it clear that even a league title and fourth-place season does not cover the costs of the overall squad. And, “The hole is bigger now that we didn’t go into Europe or anything. We’re going down in television rights. As of June 30, we’re at -56 million. We have a cash flow of 100 million.” The president also points out that the pandemic is exacerbating the problem: “This comes from having a workforce of 165 million, a budget of 200 when you’re out of the Champions League. In one season.”

Moreover, Anıl talks about the numbers required to enter the ‘Champions level’: “If you want to compete at the champions level, you need to earn 300 million. It’s very difficult with less”. And while ‘warning’ the people of Sevilla, turning to naming the teams as an example: “Look, Betis was there and it’s impossible. Sevilla has 260 million, but that’s why they are this year. If they don’t,” “Get into the Champions League…”

“If you want to compete at the champions level, you need to earn 300 million”

The leader also noted that despite his contract with Fernando Roig and that Villarreal’s owner is currently the Europa League champion and reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League, They have to sell because they didn’t get in. Champions (this year)”.

Finally, the club president admits the figures of the Valencia model and refers to the new stadium: “What can be the model of Valencia if the revenues do not exceed 140? Let’s not go crazy with the new pitch.