If there weren’t locals on the bike, there wouldn’t be many stars. Some live by bike to collect victories, others so that the figures reach the key points of the stages as comfortably as possible. Assertives lend their bikes, wheels, push bosses if they’re in crisis, fill their backs with drums, and pull out the platoon knowing what they’ve done for their leader or to gain minutes. That’s the job. There is no one else.

But just as with great leaders, there is also someone who is the perfect friend, ex officio and very rarely gets permission to run away, fight to win stages, for example Jorge Arcas At the Giro and Napoli and try to add his first victory to his record. Very expensive!

cyclist from Aragon

He’s from Arcas Sabiñánigo and grew up on a bike, always wearing a Movistar.. Excellent runner plant, with controversial experience in one Tour and three Tours (one of which he left due to a fall), had the opportunity to catch up with tough competitors Mathieu van der Poel and Thomas de Gendt. , winner in Naples, among them. And he first fought to take a few minutes to escape from the main team, where Juanpe López was in pink, and then he fought back to surprise the same. Van der PoelThe most dangerous of the twenty riders to run, and the easier four to win, finally the victory was played at the finish line, no one could do it. byexperienced, with three big stage victories and arcs Crossing the finish line in third position to show how complicated a victory is, especially when you live as a domestique.

and this sunday arcs will have to deal with Alexander Valverde and also Ivan Sosa, one must show his quality as a climber, because Blockhaus comes in and it’s a serious, brutal mountain where you can win or lose a Giro. Sparks have to fly on the mountain where Eddy Merckx introduced himself to the cycling world in 1967. It’s not worth protecting yourself. We have to rush… a big day on the bike.

little quiet week

It must be like this because this week has passed very calm Frankly, in the fight for the general, which is a relief Juanpebut in the Giro everyone who wants to fight for victory, who can or does not want to fight, has been hidden, rolled to see them come, they are fully guarded by social groups. arcs. More than ever, the Giro tends to find and concentrate all the hotspots in the third week. And just as this Sunday allows for some extra aspect of emotion. block house. Vuelta and Tour are getting tighter. Before appointment with Planche des Belles Filles it is only necessary to check what the Tour has planned in the early days: a time trial, a windy bridge, a sprint, a slope and cobblestones to split the peloton into a thousand pieces. If we exclude Etna and its joy JuanpeA little salt was lacking this first week of the Giro.