Spanish Pedro Acosta (Kalex) has managed to open the box with the best training classifications. including a category record, taking pole position for the French Moto2 Grand Prix at the Le Mans circuit.

‘Tiburón’ Acosta scores best time of 1:35,803 and with it British Jake Dixon (Kalex) and teammate Spaniard Augusto Fernández by just over a tenth of a second.

The first big surprise leader in the category is Italian. Second half Celestino Vietti (Kalex) only one in six thousand, according to fourth-placed Spaniard Jorge Navarro (Kalex). Vietti will have to start the French race from position nineteen or, likewise, from seventh in the starting lineup.

They made it to the second grade, all in only 45 thousand handkerchiefs It’s seconds away between the Italian Lorenzo Dalla Porta (Kalex), the Spaniard Fermín Aldeguer (Boscoscuro), the Dutch Bo Bendsneyder (Kalex) and the Spaniard Jorge Navarro (Kalex).

English Sam Lowes was the fastest of the first laps with two fast laps on the second and third laps, 1:36,071 in their best but still leading with ten minutes of practice, the Englishman can no longer argue, who leaves in the next lap magnificently down In the eighth place, he even crashes into his motorcycle.

Lowes was on the ground for several minutes and left the danger zone on all fours, knowing the qualifying session was over for him as well as for Japanese Ai Ogura (Kalex), who suffered a concurrent injury. crash at turn six and also knocked out in the fight for a good position on the timeline.

The British driver continued to lead ahead of Albert Arenas (Kalex). only 17,000th of a second ahead, but the first big surprise in the last five minutes came from Spain’s Pedro ‘Tiburón’ Acosta (Kalex), who finished first with 1:35,803 one minute and 36 seconds, followed by Englishman Jake Dixon ( Kalex ) and also Spaniard Augusto Fernández (Kalex). In practically a snap, Sam Lowes moved up from number one to number four.

Pedro Acosta took the first pole position in Moto2 and the second of his sports career, ahead of Dixon and Fernández, with Lowes, Arenas and Spaniard Alonso López (Boscoscuro) in second place, Arón Canet (Kalex), seventh, third place Ai Ogura and Bo Bendsneyder with.

Jorge Navarro (Kalex) finished twelfthMarcos Ramírez (MV Agusta) closes in fourteenth and Fermin Aldeguer (Boscoscuro) in eighteenth place in the second classification group.