Eight days from Roland Garros, triggered for alarm Raphael Nadal. A chronic injury to the scaphoid’s left foot torments him again in the worst moment of the season, before his battle to bite into the 22nd Grand Slam of his career, in that land where he’s always been at his best since winning in 2005. big favorite and endorsed with 13 titles so far.


  • Shapovalov knocked a half-lame Nadal out of Rome

After falling after limping Foro Italico Dennis Shapovalov In the round of 16 (1-6, 7-5, 6-2) the question now is will he win again in Paris, or can he join Roland if he doesn’t? Garros?

Although as warned Giving up Paris is not in their plans despite the damn pain in your foot. โ€œMy head is still up for the challenge. I don’t know what might happen in the next days. What could happen in a week, now I really don’t know,โ€ said Nadal, confident in saving the bad moment.

damn injury

โ€œI still believe I will have options. Gotta get my feet just to let me play. You should look ahead. I saw positive things ยป, he said about his feelings on the field against Shapovalov, making a flawless first set until his foot started to bother him.

For now, it’s time to go back to Manacor, reconsider, rest, and recover from the damned Muller-Weiss syndrome that has threatened his career from the start and which he has miraculously managed to control over the years. Turns 36, tormenting him with pain and making him fear the worst for his sporting future.

An injury last season forced him to quit for six months. He played his last game in August and had surgery to find a solution. And then Nadal reappeared in a spectacular way. win the australia deficit A cracked rib at Indian Wells looked like he had caught his foot but chained him to four championship streaks before stopping him in his way.

force the machine

nadal failed to prepare the ground tour as planned. He missed Montecarlo and Barcelona and wanted to return to Madrid to make up for the time. “I’m going against the clock,” he said, recognizing the need to increase the pace and add minutes to the track. Maybe he forced the machine. Maybe it would be better to continue training and play alone in Rome. Unknown. The only thing certain about Nadal will arrive at Roland Garros with just five matches played on dirt.. Never before in his entire career had he been so unprepared.

He explained, “I have what I have. I’m not injured, I live with the wound. That’s what it is. I’m lame if I don’t take antipyretics.” It allows him to control even the near future. “There will come a day, my head says enough. I play to be happy, but of course pain takes away your happiness, not just to play, but also to live.”

number 5 in Paris

If, as agreed, he will play at Roland Garros, your participation will be a little more complicated He outpaced him as the defeat at Rome, where he defended his title, dropped him to world number 5. Stefanos Tsitsipas.

A situation he wants to avoid at all costs so as not to cross paths with the top four, at least until the Roland Garros semi-finals. Now it may be his turn to cross paths in the draw next Thursday. Djokovic (one), Medvedev (two), Zverev (3) and Tsitsipas (4). The only advantage of this change, on the other hand, is that it will avoid any problems. carlos alcaraz (6), at least until the semi-finals.