This Handball Club Elche continues to show that it has the best hearth in Spain in the ladies category. his youth team Atasa ElcheHe succeeded in his classification for the ninth consecutive year. National Final Stageafter reaching and beating the top eight teams in the entire Spanish geography previous qualifying rounds at provincial, regional and sector level. Something unprecedented in Spanish handball.

The Elche club has won four championships in the last eight years. In 2014 and 2015absolute international Laura Hernandezcurrently playing San Sebastian Bera Beraearned the title last weekend Warriors-Iberdrola LeagueHe was the most outstanding player. In 2018in Cantabrianwith Patricia Mendezcurrent first-team player named best player of the tournament in a team of which he is a part Celia GuilabertLike Méndez, Elche is in the first team. And 2019in Vigo, international Paula ArcosWho’s playing Atlético Guards and signed Bera Bera, becoming the MVP of the Final Stage. Team coach in the last two games Joaquin RocamoraCombining his duties as the head coach of the A team and the youth team.

Now, the young “fighters of the franciverdes” are once again among the elite of the category and will seek the fifth title in this year’s competition. 25-29 Mayin the town of Valencia Mislata.

Elche Atasa qualified for the Final Stage of the Spanish Championship after finishing. 1st in Group H of the Sector StageAccessed by 32 teams. directing ilicitano staff, Peter Paul Boceroexpired 34-18 to Dos Hermanas in Seville, 40-27 to San Servan in Extremadura and 34-30 to Quijote Herencia de Castilla La Mancha.

For the Final Stage, the franciverde team, Anaitasuna of Navarra, Maravillas of Madrid and Palautordera of Catalonia. The other group consists of: Aula Valladolid, Zarautz in Basque Country, Mislata in Valencia and Pozuelo in Ciudad Real. It will be a very competitive tournament with only the top eight participating.

Curiously, although Elche Atasa has reached the Final Stage May only be fourth in the Autonomous Tierafter losing in the semi-finals with Mislata with third and fourth Morvedre. Both are Valencia teams.