This I Ilicitana Night Race «Elche Night Race» It has exceeded all initial expectations and this Saturday will bring together nearly two thousand athletes from the entire state, primarily from the city. Alicanterest Valencian Community and Region of Murciaeven outside of them.

organization run by Elche City Council Sports Departmentin collaboration with the club “Esteso Runners” and signature “Last lap” The Mayor of Sports says that the runners started this adventure with the goal of “to have a unique experience of falling in love with the city with music, light and running, and become a sports festival”. Vincent Alberola.

The Ilicitana Night Race, which is here to stay and many hope to be its first edition, will have two tests in parallel: one of 10 kilometerson an approved circuit that will enable official brands to be accredited; and another 6 kilometers.

The start and finish line will be located on Avenida de La Estación.adjacent, next to municipal park and sports park and the athletes will travel on the main streets of the city and pass through symbolic places such as the city center. Elche Archeology and History Museum (MAHE), Altamira Palace, Town hall, pergola, Palm Grove Hello Juan Angel Romero Sports Cityhere they will have the opportunity to walk a few meters inland.

Registration will be open until the same Saturday, one hour before departure. At 21:30, the starting weapon will be given to the 6K test., so that the runners can wander as heroes and reach the finish line; and 21.43 10K participants will leave.

have so far 1,100 at 10 kilometers and 500 at 6 kilometers, but it’s estimated that they could reach around 2,000 between today and Saturday. Participants must be over 16 years old. registration cost 10 euros at 10K, 0.80 of which goes to the fuse; Y 8 euros Those of 0.60 and 6K are also covered by insurance.

I Ilicitana Night Race four categoriesboth male and female: Senior (16-34 years old), Master A (35-44 years old), Master B (45-54 years old) and Master C (55+ years old).

Main favorites to win Jessica Guerreroor in women; and Alicante Andres Macias and crevillentino Fran Macia, in men. will join in 6 kilometers Pedro Antonio EstesoWho is the main candidate to win the victory.

“We want the test to be a party,” said Juan Carlos Esteso, who, along with his brother Pedro and the Sports Department, graduated from the organization and will therefore not be attending. , competitiveness part dominates, but also runners have a great experience running at night, in the city center and with the light and sound show.. We want it to be an unforgettable day for sports at Elche, the first of many, and to stay on the athletics calendar for a long time.”