How much money does Sevilla earn for winning the Europa League 2023: champion prize

Seville and Rome The Europa League title was played on Wednesday in the grand final that took place in Budapest (Hungary). The team from Seville wanted to end a difficult season with great pleasure and the Italian team was looking for a European title for the second consecutive year after last season’s victory in the Conference League against Feyenoord. In the end, the Spaniards got all the credit on penalties.

How much money does Sevilla earn for winning the Europa League 2023: champion prize

Sevilla won the UEFA Europa League this Wednesday and paid extra money 4 million euros. The Andalusian team, for this year’s participation in the Champions League and for progressing through rounds of the Europa League, had already contributed between 20 and 25 million euros (by participating in the Champions League alone, they contributed 15 million) .

In addition, it has secured a place in the next edition of the Champions League, a sporting prize that goes to the team that wins the Europa League last year.

Source: Goal


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