Spectacular performance by the players led byr José Luis Ferre Powerchair Football in the first edition of the Spanish Cup, organized by the Association of Spanish Clubs. The Alicante team went to Jaén on Friday with the illusion of bringing the coveted title to Alicante, but with the downside of not being able to count on a key player like Samu who wasn’t there until Sunday.

In the semi-final qualifying matches on Saturday, Isbilya beat Sevilla PFC (4-0), Inter de Jaén (6-0) and Atómicas Córdoba Patrimonio (1-0) and Los Leones de the Alhambra (5-0). Some allowed resultsQualify for the final round in third place in group n. They faced the Granada team again in the semi-finals played on Sunday and this time they won (2-0) from the city of Córdoba, which awaited them in the final, in the championship fight.

won the trophy

The final, as expected, was very competitive and at a very high level, where this time from the “terreta” team managed to score a goal with four minutes left, which would give them the title of their first edition. this is the Spanish Cup.

with high adrenalineThe expedition returned to Alicante with its sights set on the last day of the League.It will be held from 27-29 May in Malaga, where Xaloc comes as the leader, and dreams of winning that title and doubling down in the first editions of these two trophies.

Players who achieved this important victory for our city’s sport: Alex García, Samuel Grau, Victor Guill, Samuel García, José Antonio Gómez, Marcos García, Juan Montilla and Nacho Fernández.