Emelianenko won his first fight under MMA rules 00:17

Russian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Ivan Emelianenko defeated 2007 Russian judo champion Alexei Ledenev in a duel according to MMA rules.

The fight took place in Moscow at the REN TV Fight Club super series tournament. The fight lasted three minutes in all three rounds. Emelianenko, who knocked out Ledenev in the first round, won unanimously.

It was the debut of Ivan Emelianenko in mixed martial arts.

35-year-old Ivan is the younger brother of MMA fighters Fedor and Alexander Emelianenko. Fedor Emelianenko ended his professional career in February of this year. He lost to the American Ryan Bader in the final fight.

Alexander Emelianenko is a former ProFC world champion. Numerous Russian and world champions in combat sambo, European champion in combat sambo.

Formerly Ivan Emelianenko said It’s about making money in MMA.

“You’re not going to make much money here, and I don’t want media popularity either. I’ve done this all my life. I want to try myself, ”said the athlete.

Source: Gazeta


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