Is River’s birthday today? The controversy over the founding date of the millionaire

Although according to official documents it was founded on May 25, 1901, there are several indications that the Núñez Club was actually born in 1904.

River celebrates its 122nd birthday todayin perfect accordance with what is written in all official documents of the institution, which listed May 25, 1901 as founding date. However, there is plenty of evidence indicating not only that this is not the correct date of the birthday, but that the Núñez club has been around for 119 years: an extensive research conducted in 2004 by the Center for Research and History of Football (CIHF) found several publications in which reference is made to May 15, 1904 as the real date of birth.

According to the story, River was born near La Boca, as a merger of the La Rosales and Santa Rosa teams. And on that point there is no discrepancy. Even the daily The nation published the news of the establishment of the Millionaire: “Club Altético River Plate. With this title a new sports center has been created with the elements of La Rosales and Santa Rosa, a center that will participate this year in almost all the tournaments that will be held. This afternoon the meetings will start with a friendly match between the first team and second team of the club in the social field it owns in the Suddok”. The problem with the official story is that the article appears in the May 22, 1904 newspaper.

In the archives of the newspapers of that time, moreover there are many chronicles of games of both La Rosales and Santa Rosa between 1901 and 1904, but River’s don’t start appearing until that second date. In addition, the club’s official Memory and Balance of 1909 mentions the “sixth exercise”, so the first was in 1904.

And there’s more: on May 25, 1938, when the Millionaire celebrated its official 37th anniversary with the inauguration of the Monumental, Enrique Zanni, one of the founding members, wrote an article in the club’s official magazine in which he spoke about the founding date: “At the end of the 1902 and 1903 seasons, and due to circumstances, we changed from rivals to comrades. (the members of the two teams, La Rosales and Santa Rosa), agree to the merger of both clubs. And after a famous session in a room with leafy willow branches for a ceiling and green grass for soft chairs, she was sealed.

Finally, there is the inconsistency of the age of the institution’s first president, Leopoldo Bard. The turn of the century chronicles say that when River was born, Bard was a medical student, but in 1901 he was only 15 years old, so such a claim would not make sense.

Despite the abundant evidence of change, what the CIHF investigation failed to discover were the reasons that led the leaders to change the date. And one of the main reasons that made it impossible is that the Memories and Balances from 1910 to 1914 were conspicuously destroyed. What is known is that In 1912, River is said to have been established as early as May 25, 1901. and that the minutes of 1915 already mentioned the “fourteenth exercise”.

Despite the difficulties, there is a hypothesis: It is believed that the change was made so that the club could apply for a grant for which it did not have sufficient seniority. Finally, through the management of Antonio Zolezzi, president of the Millionairethe Deliberative Council awarded the institution three thousand pesos, which were used for the construction of a grandstand on the Dársena Sud field.

So far, they have never ruled on the matter in Núñez. And the candle is still blown along with the birthday of the fatherland.

Source: Goal


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