42 LaLiga clubs total losses 892 million € In the 2020/21 season. Of these, 481, 54% of the total, correspond to a single club, Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​and the negative result makes football difficult. worst financial year Throughout the history of Spanish rivalry that has been brutally conditioned by the impact of Covid-19.

The Economic-Financial Report, released to the public this Tuesday by the institution headed by Javier Tebas, shows the suffering of Spanish football in a controversial season. completely without spectators in the stands due to the pandemic. This arbitrariness, which has never been seen before, is a more than €1,200 million decrease in total revenue Clubs participating in the competition

Despite the effects of the health crisis that has been experienced since March in the 2019/20 season, LaLiga historical revenue ceiling: 5,029 million euros By adding First and Second Division clubs. However, in the following period, Spanish football lost a quarter of its turnover and totaled the total amount. 3.817 millionlowest number in the last five years.


LaLiga doesn’t think this drop in revenue of 1,200 million has translated into equivalent losses. In fact, EBITDA for the 20/21 academic year is positive (154 million euro) and 12 out of 42 clubs It managed to close the year with a negative net result despite the impact of Covid-19 on its accounts.

892 million negative net results alone 74% of lost income and discounting the accounting provisions made by the board of directors of Joan Laporta at the end of fiscal year 2020/21, the figure remains at 717 million.

This imbalance between losses and reduction in income is largely due to cost control This is carried out by clubs in times of pandemic. As reported by EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA, a newspaper belonging to the same group as this group, LaLiga has been the major European competition with the least investment in signatures in four windows since March 2020.

In the previous five seasons, net investment in LaLiga transfers was between 92 and 405 million euros, compared to just five million as of June 2021, practically stable.

Comparison with the rest of the major leagues leaves the Spaniards in a good place. Only the Bundesliga (474 ​​million) suffered lower losses than the LaLiga. French Ligue 1 covered similar numbers (946) with a much lower turnover, and both Series A (1,792) and especially the Premier League (3,119) have much higher red numbers.


Looking forward to the current season (still starting at low capacity), LaLiga predicts: A negative result of around 297 million euros (though LaLiga doesn’t specify this, a good portion will probably come from Barça’s accounts) and an income of around 4,000. Of those nearly 300 million, 140 are considered “recoverable losses”: an early injection of resources for signatures as a result of the deal with CVC and owners’ commitments to raise capital. EBITDA will skyrocket to an estimated 432 million.

The institution headed by Javier Tebas, next season, 2022/23, may be closed without loss and that in the next 2023/24 Spanish football will regain the normality it lost in March 2020 in terms of total revenue. All at the expense of his state of health, which, frankly, does not again affect the normal development of work.

One of the indicators of the gradual recovery in the economies of the clubs is the following: evolution of net financial debt. This figure increased by 14% in the 2020/21 season due to the need for clubs to apply for external financing to meet their investments. Looking at this trajectory, however, LaLiga predicts debt will not rise, an indication that clubs have regained the ability to finance themselves with their own funds.