Emotions reach where football does not. all herculesdiscontinued, in harmony, in a few converging speeches, on the scale of a communion staged in the press room of the stadium, asked fans to set aside inconsistencies Help the blue and white project with the game of the team and the managers and from the stands. A four-voiced cry for help to plead with all who feel their shield is theirs help the asset To return to the third category of national football over a century.

sports director, Caramel of the Well; Raúl Ruiz as captain; Coach Sergio Mora and, finally, Enrique Ortiz, owner of SAD, took the floor to expand on the idea that without the support of the active and inactive social audience, it was too much. difficult that hercules get out of the well Second RFEF. to stay three gamesone from the League, two from the end of the season (at best) and the entire team taking advantage of the team’s day off to gather at the stadium to leave a historic photograph and a single claim: “We need you more than ever.”

«You all expected so much more from this team. Also we. We apologize for not being successful from time to time and not being able to make you proud of the team of your life. We made mistakes and at certain times we didn’t have a chance. Despite this, we continue to promote and we need you all It makes us feel accompanied and supported by us. By this we know that when the moment of truth comes we are all one, that we know to put aside our differences and we fight for the same shield. We will do our best, we ask you you are proud your team. Help us achieve this”, the team captain asked in the first round, Raul Ruizcradle herculaneum.

“This is a hard year, with many ups and downs, but what we’re trying to achieve isn’t easy. we are convinced we canBut we can’t do it alone we need help. There are three key matches left for us that are vital to the future of the club and we need you to join us. The only way to get it is to be together. I believe in the rise I firmly believe in these players, but we need all possible help from our people,” the technician later claimed, Sergio Mora.

“The club is fully confident in the team’s talent, exitthis is what we all need. I ask you to be oneWe all go hand in hand, including the media. It’s true that there were bad days throughout the season, but there were also good days and I’m calling for this team to achieve this goal as it shows that it can do important things. I have blind faithbut he must give everything and 100% concentrate because we no longer have the margin of error. We must forget the past and focus on the future. We cannot get out of this well without all of us united,” he said. Enrique Ortiz He made his first public appearance since last summer.

“The bad things and the ordinary things are long gone, now we must enjoy the good things. We need a little luck and the responsible unity of everyone on the team. They have tough jobs, but we have a responsibility not to leave them alone.to support them until the end because they feel the commitment to join the team from the first minute and they are aware of it. this promotion is almost as important to the First Division as a promotion», underlined the owner.

Del Pozo Del Pozo hasn’t been informed where the club should play their promotion games, but everything indicates he will be in the league, as his promotion to LaLiga Smartbank is scheduled in the playoffs. rico perezIt is only one of the five selected venues that have the capacity to meet the capacity needs of the Blue and White team’s matches.

The owner also reminded that it was the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) that determined the situation. Price:%s the number of tickets for the promotional phase, but implying the possibility of taking some kind of measure that will facilitate the access of the social audience to the stadium, assuring that Hercules “will do everything possible to have all his fans there”, for example, Pay Rico Pérez the amount of the entrance cards.