Who will replace Russia in the European competition?

Champions League

Before the start of the 2021/22 season, Russia occupied the eighth place in the table of coefficients of UEFA – from it national federations receive quotas for participation in European competitions.

The champions of the top ten countries in the odds table qualify directly for the Champions League group stage. After the exclusion of Russia, the free quota was transferred to the 11th place in the table – Scotland. Thus, the winner of the Russian Premier League (RPL) last week, St. Petersburg “Zenith”, the Champions of Scotland will play in the Champions League group stage.

With three laps left in the Premiership, Celtic are six points ahead of Glasgow Rangers.

Trabzonspor, which has become the strongest club in Turkey for the first time in 38 years, will replace the Scottish champion in the Champions Road play-off round.

Respectively, in the third qualifying round of the champions’ road, “Trabzonspor” will be replaced by the champion of Cyprus (“Apollon” by one point and APOEL – “socialbites.ca” leading three rounds before the finish line).

Also, the Croatian champions (with three rounds to the end, Dinamo Zagreb in first place) and Swiss Zurich will miss a qualifying round – they will start their Champions League journey from the second stage.

The second league ticket for Russia belonged to the RPL silver medalist, who started the European season from the third qualifying round of the non-championship road.

At this stage of the selection, the Russian representative will be replaced by the teams that placed second in the Austrian and Scottish championships. If everything were as before, these clubs would not have started to qualify for the Champions League from the third round, but from the second qualifying round.

Teams that lose in the third qualifying round and in the qualifying round qualify for the Europa League group stage.

Europa League

In this tournament from Russia, the winner of the national cup begins to participate from the playoff round. Last year, the capital’s “Locomotive” managed to get directly to the group stage. This was because of the reform, which now guaranteed the Conference League winner’s entry into the Europa League group stage; however, this tournament has not started yet in the 2020/21 season, so the vacancies went to the “railroad”.

In the 2022/23 season, Turkey and Denmark will take the place of Russia in the Europa League playoff round.

And their place in the third qualifying round of the Europa League will be the winner of the Cup of Serbia, which is initially expected to start from the second qualifying round of the Conference League.

Teams that do not pass the Europa League qualifying round will take part in the Conference League group stage.

Conference League

Russia was represented by two clubs at this tournament: following the results of the RPL season, the fourth team started its journey from the third qualifying round and the fifth team started from the second round.

After the elimination of Russia, its place in the third round will be taken by the winners of the Czech Republic, Croatia and Switzerland national cups, which are expected to start the tournament from the second round.

In the second stage of the Conference League selection, the trophy holders of Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, North Macedonia and Armenia will play instead of the Russian team and the trophy holders of Serbia, Czech Republic, Croatia and Switzerland.

Cup winners from these countries had to start their journey from the first qualifying round of the Conference League, before Russia was suspended for next season.

What will happen in the 2023/24 season?

For the 2022/23 season, Russia automatically scored 4,333 points on the odds table – this is the lowest odds earned in the last five seasons. If Russian teams can take part in the European competition again next year, Russia will have 26,215 points before the start of the 2023/24 season.

With that many points, our country would be in 22nd place today – above Israel but below Cyprus.

This means that only four teams from Russia can qualify for the European competition. The national champion will start the Champions League from the first qualifying round, while the silver and bronze medalists will start with the trophy winner from the Conference League’s second qualifying round.

On May 2, the Association of European Football Associations (UEFA) suspended the participation of Russian teams in European cups in the 2022/23 season. This means that the selection structure for UEFA-sponsored club tournaments will change. socialbites.ca explains who and how will replace Russian teams in the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League.

Source: Gazeta


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