unforgettable day for kill juan He suffered this Monday in the 35th-day match of the Premier League between Manchester United and Brentford, which ended in a 3-0 local win with goals from Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Varane.

Beyond the conclusion, it’s a clash that will remain in the memory of many Red Devils fans. Farewell to one of the Manchester United legends.

Juan Mata, 34, who joined the team in 2014, has a contract expiring this summer and will change his mind due to insufficient minutes in past seasons. The people of Old Trafford gave him a emotional tribute to the last home game.

The former Valencia CF player started and coach Ralf Rangnick, aware of the situation, assisted him in this unforgettable farewell with a quarter of an hour remaining. A moment fans took advantage of to fire Juan Matadeservedly, with an emotional applause and as one of them.