Saúl rushes for London adventure and returns to Atlético de Madrid in July

Except unexpected turn, Saul Niguez returns to Madrid from July 1. As GOAL moved forward months ago, Chelsea do not intend to exercise the purchase option of 35 million euros stipulated in its assignment contract. In other words, Chelsea pays for this course the 5 million loan to Atlético de Madrid, but the player will have to rejoin the mattress team in July, as he still has a valid contract with Atleti until June 2026. This situation has long been “vox populi” and the intention of the London club will To inform Atlético de Madrid of its decision in the coming days.

Tuchel’s acknowledgment

Saúl, who will not be given minutes, assumes he will return to Madrid this summer. Officially, the club has of course not yet communicated the news. As for the situation of the man from Elche, today the coach Thomas Tuchel commented: “We will talk about Saúl’s situation at the end of the season. At the moment it is a difficult situation for him. I understand you’re not happy, but keep pushing. He remains competitive within the group. I don’t have much good news for him when I tell him the lineup. He has to stay involved mentally and physically, that’s what he does, but it’s not easy. We are grateful, he is a real athlete. We’ll talk at the end of the season, we still have to fight for Champions League qualification, so we’ll talk when it’s time,” the Chelsea manager assured.

Atlético de Madrid’s position with Saúl

Although the news is not yet official and the player has not been told, the podium is clear for Chelsea. You do not pay for the purchase option. Firstly, because Saúl Ñíguez is not done shining in London yet, as he has never established himself as a base player in the team. That already made the club doubt whether to pay the option. And secondly, when Chelsea were studying the future of the Spaniard, the British government banned them from signing new contracts. This circumstance has been decisive when the club finds it impossible to exercise the purchase option for the player. They cannot sign new contracts.

At Atlético de Madrid, news of Saúl’s return this summer comes as no surprise. This possible scenario was foreseen at the club and now the roadmap will go through to find the best solution for all parties. They will sit down to talk to Saúl and his agent, they will find a meeting point and listen to the footballer’s position, to find out if he wants to stay with Atleti or if he just wants to find another destination. Atlético sources explain to GOAL that whatever happens in the summer, a decision will be made by consensus between the parties, knowing that Saúl will always have the doors of Atlético de Madrid open, which is and always will be his home to be.

Source: Goal


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