Norwegian coach Stale Solbakken held a press conference. To evaluate the match against Spain Sorloth, of the Royal Society, as the player who needs to fill the void Wounded Haaland

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“He trained well and therefore will start tomorrow,” he said, surprising the Norwegian journalists.They cross-examined and Solbakken agreed. The coach reminded that he has other players. scoring goals despite being a reference player.

The selector doesn’t expect De la Fuente to surprise him in his first game because of his knowledge of Spanish football: “We’ve seen what the selector did before to see the game plan. It’s a bit more direct than Luis Enrique and adds younger players.. A lot of it comes from the big teams we see on Norwegian television.”


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on his behalf Morten ThorsbyUnión Berlin midfielder, also highlighted Sorloth, but mostly Arsenal’s Martin Odegaard: “I’m very happy for him and I always believed he would become the player he is today. It’s been a bumpy ride. The expectations were very high. He is the captain of Arsenal at the age of 24 and he has many years ahead of him.And. The problem isn’t the evolution of being a young actor, it’s the expectations.”

Regarding Haaland’s absence, Thorsby said: “He’s one of the best players right now, any team would be happy to have him and we’re sad about that. We have other players who are doing very well in this position.. We will do our best. Even though we knew he couldn’t play, we didn’t waste any energy on it.. He will join us for the rest of the classification.”