Yarovinsky said which words of CSKA President Giner are “still in my ears” 18:40

Former sports director of CSKA and Kazan “Rubin” Oleg Yarovinsky talked about his relationship with the head of the army club Evgeny Giner.

“There were different situations. If he was not in the mood, he could fall on anyone in the office. But at such moments it is difficult to shake me off – a high level of stress resistance. Yes, and Giner is smart. She screams and speaks calmly already after ten minutes.

Which sentence of Giner is still in your ears? “It’s hard to pick up broken teeth with broken hands.” Thank God these words were not addressed to me. As a joke to someone else. I remembered. The best sentence”, — quoting Yarovinsky “Sport Express”.

In this season of the Russian Premier League (RPL), CSKA has collected 35 points over 20 weekends and is fifth in the standings.

The army team will play against Fakel Voronezh in the next match. The game will be played on April 2. It starts at 16.30 Moscow time.

Formerly Oleg Yarovinsky saidHow Sergei Ovchinnikov, former goalkeeper of Moscow Lokomotiv, fired a gas pistol at Yuri Semin.

Source: Gazeta


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