Three months ago Joan Laporta And florentino perez Appeared together and smiling at the Ritz Mandarin Hotel in Madrid Days after the opinion given by the Chief Prosecutor of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Bernd Reichart, CEO of A22, the company that supports the Super League, at the presentation of the project in the presence of both presidents.

Super League, the perfect excuse

The complicity of the two of them was striking in an action that both fans viewed with suspicion. Good harmony between Whites and Catalans, it was not uncommon for the Catalans to mobilize all possible leverage to revive the club. However The shared interest in moving forward with the Super League seemed like a sufficient excuse to explain some never-before-seen complicity., It’s like Barcelona appointing the Madrid representative in a meeting with LaLiga.

But in the last hundred days, Florentino Pérez has seen how his two partners were involved in sports scandals that ended in court. in Italy Juventus were sanctioned on 20 January due to the ‘Plusvalías case’. The Italian Football Federation found the Turin club guilty of fraud, in an investigation confirming that the leaders of Vecchia Signora manipulated player transfers and led them to illegal enrichment. FIGC sanction that punished Juventus with the loss of 15 points and disqualification of their leaders, including Andrea Agnelli (2 years) and former player and coach Pavel Nedvev (8 months).

Negreira case, turning point

And news broke out in Spain on February 15 that caused an irreparable break between Florentino and Laporta. According to official sources, Barça paid 7.3m euros from 2001 to 2018 to José María Enríquez Negreira, then vice-chairman of the Technical Arbitration Committee “to ensure that no decision is taken against the club, everything is impartial”. Barcelona thought the team was hurt and the other teams were favored.”

The judge accepted the official charge made by the prosecution. Constantly accusing the Barça club of corruption in the field of sports as a legal entity and points to the club’s two former presidents, Sandro Rosell (2010-2014) and Josep María Bartomeu (2014-2020). The complaint is directed against Barcelona and five natural persons. In addition to Bartomeu, Rosell and Negreira, two more managers are emerging from the Bartomeu scene: former general manager Óscar Grau and former professional sports director Albert Soler.

Laporta suspends the directive lunch

And in the face of these serious accusations, The white club decided to enter the scene and appeared in the case as a private prosecution. have all the documents generated by the investigation. A move that ends up breaking the related love that exists between the Madrid leader and the culé hero. Until Laporta directive decided to suspend lunch this Sunday for this classic in Barcelona.

According to the news of the El Mundo newspaper, the decision to appeal the suspension of Florentino Pérez’s Barcelona tour. The President will not be in the Camp Nou box with his Super League partner, the absence that did not exist even when the white president was elected and snatched Luis Figo from Barça.

The incident comes at the worst moment when CJUE’s decision about UEFA’s possible monopoly in the Champions League is about to become known. A conflict like the Noriega Case, which destroyed the foundations of the Super League project, Where Florentino has drastically shrunk after scandals by its two co-founders. Whoever wins tonight at the Camp Nou loses the Super League. The hatred that Rosalía said, with which the Catalans will be advertising the Motomami album on their shirts today, has finished breaking the idyll between Florentino and Laporta.