Al-Nasr’s former player, who left because of Ronaldo, talked about how the Portuguese wanted him to stay in the team 03:05

Cameroonian striker Vincent Abubakar has announced that he should leave Al Nasr but wants Cristiano Ronaldo to stay at the club.

“After signing Cristiano, I made it clear to the coach before he came that I wanted to leave. With Ronaldo’s arrival, the foreign player had to leave.

Ronaldo wanted me to stay and the club wanted me to stay at least until the end of the season, but I wanted to leave. Abubakar said Al-Nasr is ready to pay my salary by the end of the season. record.

Recall that Abubakar had to leave the team, terminating the contract so that Al-Nasr could register Cristiano Ronaldo. The Cameroonian now plays for Beşiktaş in Turkey.

Ronaldo, 37, has been without a team since November 2022 after his contract with Manchester United was terminated. On January 2, Ronaldo became the player of Al-Nasr from Saudi Arabia under a contract for which he will receive €200 million per year. Additional bonuses were also reported for the Portuguese and his family. He made his debut for the new club and scored a goal from the penalty spot.

In the new team, Ronaldo has already been criticized by Al-Nasr fans.

Formerly Mesut Ozil Responded arrogantly about playing on the same team as Ronaldo.

Source: Gazeta


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