Walk elche city center and do Tour to discover the hundred-year history of Elche Club de Fútbothrough photo exhibition featuring the stories of each. This is what they will find and it will be possible to contemplate during the journey. next two months visitors to symbolic places intersectionwhere the victories and promotions of the franciverde group are celebrated; Corredera or Plaça de Baix.

this Tuesday afternoon urban example who installed Miguel Hernández University (UMH) President of Pere Ibarrawith the support City Council, Caixabank and TM Real Estate groupThe main sponsor of the Elche club.

Exhibition titled: “100 years of Franjiverde feeling” consists of 450 photos, mostly unpublishedplaced large three-sided murals.

Photo murals are in the middle of the street. AXEL ALVAREZ

It also has cooperation. about thirty shops opened in the city centeryou can see pictures, magazines, materials such as boots or suitcases, and old newspapers With reviews of great moments in Elche history.

the enterprise has curators: UMH professor Miguel Ors and director of the Pere Ibarra Chair; and Antonio J. Pamies, collaborator of the Elche club when it comes to compiling statistical data, documents and lists of players and coaches advocates of the green strip. Both, in collaboration with the Pere Ibarra Chair students, for a long time, A comprehensive research and compilation study of images with the illusion and purpose of seeing the light in the centennial season.. It is a reality that finally came into being with its opening yesterday.

The exhibition collects photos From the 1920s, when Elche Football Club was founded, to the present. The only thing missing is the current season, which we decided not to include because we were so immersed in it,” explains Miguel Ors.

includes demonstration More than a thousand players and more than a hundred coaches paying homage to the fans Passers by the Elche club.

«There is the cooperative, none of the most famous players are missing. The club’s highlights such as the 1969 Cup final, promotions to the Second and First Divisions, the Deportivo Ilicitano time in the Second Division, the 24 campaigns in the First Division… It is a chronology of the club’s history from beginning to end,” says Ors.

Miguel Ors describes one of the murals dedicated to the republican years. AXEL ALVAREZ

Many players from the best times of the Elche club, such as J, attended the opening of the exhibition “100 Years of Franjiverde Sense”.Juan Carlos Lezcano and Pepe Díez Guilabert or more recent Edu Albacar and Sergio Mantecón He is the current sports director of the franciverde foundation.

The current head of Elche was not missing either, Joaquin Buitragoand some of its predecessors, for example Francisco Borja, Andrés Alonso and Anselmo Navarro. HE Doctor Paulino Vazquez They did not want to miss the premiere of the sample.

Family photo of the attendees AXEL ALVAREZ

HE The city’s mayor, Carlos González, served as master of ceremoniesnext to you Councilor for Sports, Vicente Alberola, became a fundamental piece for the exhibition to see the light.

Miguel Ors was explaining the details and showcase of each panel to the attendees.It is available to all fans and the general public who want to learn about Elche’s hundred-year history through visuals.