Former Russian national team goalkeeper Mandrykin says he supports NWO12:33

Former goalkeeper of CSKA and the Russian national team Veniamin Mandrykin shared his opinion on a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine.

“I’m worried about our army. I support. I am not afraid of what is. I think everything is correct. It is necessary to crush the reptile, as our great-grandfathers and grandfathers did. Maybe it should have started earlier. But this is my outside opinion, authorities know better.

Have I been communicating with someone from Ukraine lately? No, I didn’t support it before,” Mandrykin recounts “Match TV”.

Mandrykin, 41, had to take a break from his sports career due to a serious injury he received in a car accident.

Recall that the tragic accident occurred in November 2010. He broke his spine and injured his spinal cord by crashing into a tree with his car leaving the traffic police pursuit at a speed of about 200 km/h. Veniamin had spinal surgery and was in intensive care. Doctors managed to save the man’s life, but he was bedridden from then on.

Andrey Solomatin, former defender of CSKA and the Russian national team saidWhile visiting the Espanyola battalion, which participated in hostilities in the NVO area.

Source: Gazeta


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