Russian blogger ran to the field half naked in the Netherlands-Argentina match in the World Cup 01:09

In the 1/4 of the World Cup played today between the national teams of the Netherlands and Argentina, a half-naked man ran onto the field. The match referee had to stop the game for a while.

Apparently the troublemaker was a Russian blogger, Vitaly Zdorovetsky, who lived in the United States. This isn’t the first time a joker has been involved in this kind of thing.

In the 2019 Champions League final (0:2) between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool, his girlfriend, American model and actress Kinsey Wolanski took the field half-naked. She was wearing a swimsuit with only the name of the Zdorovetsky channel on it.

The Netherlands and Argentina did not announce the winner in regular time. In the 73rd minute, the Latin Americans took the lead 2-0 with goals from Molina and Messi (from a penalty). However, the Netherlands drew in the final seconds. Double down for Wout Wegorst.

In the penalty shootout, the Argentines were more accurate 4:3. The first two blows of the Dutch were parried by Emiliano Martinez. Lautaro Martinez scores the decisive penalty. executed a text broadcast online.

Formerly Artem Dziuba He described Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker as a “bartender” and “lily of the valley” for his performance against Croatia..

Source: Gazeta


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