Historical Flensburg-Handewitt from Germanyleader of the group and one of the biggest favorites to win the championship EHF Europa LeagueHe imposed the highest quality and experience during his visit. Palau d’Esports L’Illa de Benidorm and easily left the group behind. Fernando Latorrewith 32-38.

The German team did not offer any options to a TM Benidorm, Despite their win against Ferencvaros Budapest in Hungary last week, they remained in the last place of the group with just one win in their five rounds.. The best player of the people of Benidorm had the extreme Iván Rodríguez, the author of 12 goals. But it wasn’t enough. ANDLatorre’s team never gave up and tried to resist, but they knew they had an opponent with a lot of potential ahead of them..

From the start, Flensburg got serious and was not surprised by TM Benidorm, as in the first part of the match played in Germany a month ago.

Protected by the physique of their players, the Germans set the defensive bar up on the ceiling.He caused multiple losses from TM Benidorm and quick attacks that turned into goals.

on this occasion 7v6 attack didn’t work for Fernando Latorr’s teame, seeing how his opponent doubled himself on the scoreboard minutes 13 (5-10).

Only Iván Rodríguez managed to break the German defensive wall, but this was not enough. Before the Flensburg-Handewitt choir play. winger Pedersen and With 9-yard shots, the bar scored again and again until reaching the time-out (17-21)..

Again in the second episode, the defensive toughness of the German team pushed TM Benidorm away from the center, which did not hesitate to give up numerous expulsions, which was once again at fault in the circulation.he scores his opponent a few futile goals.

It gradually became Flensburg-Handewitt Opening the gap, he scored eight goals in the 14th minute (23-31). Pivottan Hald and Lindskog were now responsible for penalizing the local goal.

Taking the lead by a margin of ten goals (25-35, 20th minute), the German team took its foot off the gas pedal and just extended the time.or, while He tried to make up for it until Iván Rodríguez dropped the score 32-38 in the final.

A result that clearly reveals the difference between the two teams, one won the Champions League and the other made their debut in a group stage of European competitions this year. and what they learned


TM BENIDORM (17+15): Roberto Rodriguez; Barceló (2), Vainstein, Grau, Serrano (3), Nikcevic and Ramiro Martínez (1) – starting from seven – Lignieres (2), Iván Rodríguez (12), Sempere (3), Soljic (4), Edu Calle (3 ) , 1p), Samu Ibáñez (ps) and Adrián (2).

FLENSBURG HANDEWITT (21+17): NaBuric; Hansen (2), Mensha Larssen (1), Hald Jensen (7), Rod (5), Pedersen (5) and Johannessen (5) – starting from seven – Moller (ps), Lindskog (6), Jakobsen (1p), Kjaer Moller (3), Einharsson (1), Semper and Mensing (2).

A MARKER EVERY 5 MINUTES: 1-4, 4-7, 7-10, 8-13, 12-17, 17-21 (rest); 19-24, 21-17, 23-31, 25-35, 28-36 and 32-38.

REFEREES: Dimitar Mitrevski and Blagojche Todorovski (Macedonians).

PAVILION: L’Illa de Benidorm in front of approximately 600 spectators.