With a thousand passes, Spain failed to make a single pass into the Moroccan castle in 120 minutes. Spain, where a thousand punishments were tried Due to his beard, he was in the decisive round and failed to score a single goal. Spain 7-0 against Costa RicaWith an enthusiastic start to the World Cup, the second season was pounded pound by pound against a brave but weak team.

Luis Enrique’s Spain strands their wagons next to the Qatar desert, with a derailment that reminds step-by-step the movie he played in Moscow four years ago. In the round of 16, as it was then. On penalties, as it was then. After over a thousand passes without success. Yes, another choice, exactly as against Russia, which should not be so much a hindrance to the selection of the Spanish cache.

Sarabia, who showed up in the last minutes for that mission, failed and sent him on the mission. Then Soler and Busquets did too, in this case through Bono’s decisive mediation. Simón unnecessarily extended the cooldown from Madrid to knock out the national team of Achraf’s home country.

failed assignment

Like a boomerang, it is impossible not to see that sentence that Luis Enrique said in the previous one. “I wanted them to take a thousand penalties in practice with their club,” the coach said of a hypothetical penalty shootout. And he argued that this was not a lottery, but ordered his football players to buy all the tickets. Not for them. Maybe they didn’t pay attention to him, maybe just habit doesn’t make a monk. Not always.

“The top three shooters were chosen by me. The other two [que no llegaron a tirar]Players”Luis Enrique later said that he always takes the lead when they come in badly to act as a shield in front of his players. He also talked about his future.. Well, it goes like this: “I care zero right now. I have more exits from the subway. I want more to go home, see my people and dogs, and be with them all.”

Busquets embraced the stereotype that Spain had fallen “in the most brutal way”. “Football is cruel, it doesn’t understand justice, it understands when the ball goes in, penalties are a lottery”, said Rodrigo Hernández, who, unlike the coach, thinks the team got a little lucky. Different points of view that do not correct the outcome of the elimination.

repeated date

Spain fall in the round of 16, as in Russia 2018 (against the hosts) and Germany in 2006 (against France). Among them is the group stage defeat at Brazil 2014, apart from the historic 2010 South African championship. In these last three editions, the inability to efficiently develop an already established game model, Consistent in possession.

It’s a good bet when well executed, but it’s hopeless on nights like this. According to SofaScore the pass counter (the figure always changes depending on the metrics) reached 1,019 against Morocco. A little over four years ago, they were even more against Russia: 1,114. And it’s not a question of questioning the model (or for some reason), it’s a matter of confirming a trend with another coach and other players (only Busquets, Alba and Asensio played in Morocco and suffered defeat in Russia). repeated four years later. Because, it should also be emphasized, lThousand passes exceeded against Costa Rica.

The good news for Spain on a dark day without clouds like Qatar nights is that The band of footballers who stumble upon this Constitution Day has an enviable youth it points not to a cycle change, but to the maturation of the present. Whether this is so or whether Spain should recount a thousand passes and a thousand penalties remains to be seen in four years.