intention Elche CF and her new coach Pablo Machíncombine between four and five players to the template during winter marketTo try change the current state of the team and try the permanence miracle.

This is the desire of both the club and the coach. new players join training as soon as possible so that they can adapt quickly and be involved in the work. Better conditions for them to play from January 2ndwhen the winter transfer window opens.

The Franchiverde establishment and the coach from Soriano already did a list of potentially interesting players to fill specific positionslike those centralyou want to include twoa midfielder who can act as a midfielder, containment midfielder what contribution Competition with Omar Mascarell Y a winger, preferably on the right wing and that you can play on both sides if possible.

from the sports commission They have already contacted several representatives to see the possibilities.. However, they meet various difficulties. First, for Elche’s delicate qualifying situation doesn’t make him a very appetizing club for some footballers looking for something “better”.. But above all, for Representatives’ refusal to negotiate and propose team changes until the end of the World Cup. It’s the perfect excuse The club from Elche finds it trying to move forward with the transfers.

Qatar event is a great football showcase and many players are re-evaluating themselves. When this is completed, it will cause the market to start to shake and the approaches of many operations that seem impossible today to change. Any move in different clubs will result in possible departures. This is where Elche is wary.It is aware that it starts with a certain disadvantage compared to its competitors.

Also from the owner of the club, Elche, Christian BragarnikIt has always been characterized by waiting until the last minute to make incorporations cheaper and have more attractive alternatives.

The maximum shareholder of Frangiverde’s existence is in Qatar and especially in the Argentina team after the World Cup.. From there he made some connections and sees possibilities, but they are still very green.

Most of the teams have also returned to training this week. From now on, the players who do not value their coaches much will see whether their situation has changed in the preparation matches and will be able to make a choice. look for an outlet elsewhere where they can have more minutes.

two free tiles

Despite the termination of contracts Pastore and Fede FernandezAlso waiting for the World Cup to end to find a place, Elche has those two free chips to make a transfer.

with the advent of lautaro whiteHe played his first minutes as a greenback player last Friday, currently training under Machín, in a friendly match. Oliva in concentration stage West Bromwich Albion; The Elche club ran out of licenses for the first team.

The decision to exclude two Argentine international players leaves behind two free chips. Bragarnik conducts termination negotiations directly with its representatives and he expects them to find a team, because that may impose some economic conditions.

These holes are underestimated, but they won’t be the only ones. They guarantee there will be more departures from the Elche club. Machín wanted to see and live in the first two weeks of training, what materials are available before making a decision. It has a more precise lineup now and there may be more players from the current squad over the next few days who receive word that they are not counted in the second division of the championship.

Roco and Tete Morente, who were on the suspect list, were injured. and therefore, they do not want to rush into their situation.