when you visit martinez valero ‘Cause that’s enough lately “I have football in my veins” and lived so close for years – it never goes unnoticed. Its enormous size and The wonderful football career that made him so popular continues to impress his fans, who are always with him with a smiling face.. Miguel Bernardo Bianquettibetter known migueli or as “Tarzan” MiguelHe was a central defender of recognized prestige. in a few days he will be 71 years old and that he has followed Elche’s development as a former professional and fan.

Migueli was born in Ceuta and He has been playing for Barça for 19 years, living in Daya Vieja and has been interested in contemporary football since his retirement. a team that surrounds him, a team he has seen live many times, especially at the Elche field. Today, Migueli is unaware enough. green fringe club enough to give good advice, but also experienced and knowledgeable enough about the situation the team is going through so they are good too.

“If the atmosphere and mindset is positive, Elche can be saved”says the former football player, emphasizing above all “His current coach already has experience in these kinds of situations, especially where he manages to overcome a major challenge with Girona”. “You have to believe in Machín,” says Migueli.

The template is more than enough

Moreover, “Elche has more than enough staff to handle the situation and hit the target, and it’s much better if interesting reinforcements arrive now.”. The former football player understands this. “First of all, the players have to believe it” and then, “The point is, Elche definitely has great fans who will support her team to the fullest.”.

break for Qatar World Cup “It was very helpful for them to avoid the sports crisis they were plunged into. Now it’s time to start from scratch with a new mechanic who can help change the dynamic they come from and do a lot.». However, it should be noted that “the coach can help, he is a guide, but it is the players who need to take it forward”.

Migueli thinks that Elche “has great players and won’t be where they are”. About Machín, «He seems like a qualified coach to me who can handle the situation the team is going through right now because he already has experience with Girona and is a professional with a career that could add a lot to the needs that Elche has right now.».

Open goal foul Migueli from Franfiverde team, Franfiverde team “very good strikers” What Father MillaStanding out with his “courage, waste and surrender as well as his success in front of the goal” and Lucas BoyeHe has only managed to score once this year. The Argentine striker is “a player I really like because of his technical quality.». He shines less this season “mainly because he has to wear himself out a lot going down.”

It’s the fans who now have to play a crucial role for the former defender. “He needs to support the team all the way. Whenever there is a glimmer of hope, you have to do your best with the players.. They are the first to care that everything is going well.

MIgueli when he was a Barcelona player FCB

previous football

Migueli misses the football of his time. “Businessmen who presided over a club in the past are ruined by football. Now the properties do not have the club feel as before. You’re doing more work today. because profitability is sought, that’s why football is like that,” he says.

ceutí guarantees “Personally, football has treated me well. has been answeredbecause I also showed it on the field ».

Spanish selection

On the role of the Spanish team – he fEu 32 caps from 1974 to 1980– At the World Cup in Qatar, «Tarzan», «we have a very young and very interesting team. I’ve always bet on grassroots football and I believe this group can go very far despite the defeat against Japan. And he can achieve great things in the future too. Migueli defends Luis Enrique. “He’s a very responsible and consistent coach for me, I love him, I’m with him because he’s such a brave person”.