AtticGo CBM Elche lost at home to BM Porriño in a duel corresponding to the eighth matchday of the Iberdrola Guerreras League, in a match where the Galicians knew how to take advantage of the moment between the end of the first half and the start of the match. the second is to gain an advantage, which they successfully defend to the end in order to score points.

Equality was the dominant trend throughout the first half. Despite Nicole Morales’ rescues, the Elche women were unable to escape the tally, and the first attempt to pull was quickly met by the Galicians led by Prelchi’s attack.

Porriño, who was more successful in the last movements of the balanced first half, evaluated the situation well from seven meters and defended the last game well and managed to go to the locker room by two goals (11-13) (11-13). they finished based on fouls forcing Elche to take a free kick that expired when Carrera was stopped.

The dynamic in the visitors’ favor was preserved by the resumption of the duel (14-18, min.39) against an AtticGo Elche, who did not give up but did not feel very comfortable in the match scenario proposed by his opponents.

Faith in Franjiverde allowed him to score just one away goal, but at that moment, both a great Career figure under the sticks and a few turnovers allowed Porriño to enter the final minutes with a three-goal lead from which Rocamora could no longer come back. . Micaela Casasola (8 goals) was the top scorer of the match. Next week, Elche has a theoretically simple stake against La Rioja at the end of the League.

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