this Eldense returns to victory at Nuevo Pepico Amat With a comeback against UD Logroñés, in addition to the other team’s comeback from the city of Rioja against Castellón, it allowed Fernando Estévez’s team to equalize once again with Albinegros at the top of the Group 2 table in the First RFEF and, one week He continues his candidacy for promotion to the silver category of national football.

Like last week against Eldense La Nucía He was soon seen again behind the scoreboard.. And the first warnings on this occasion were the Catalans with two shy shots from Cristian López and Cris Montes, who was uneventfully saved by Gonzalo.

A cross, with Doncel perfectly headed from the left, so close to the post that he touched Guille Vallejo’s net before kissing him, put La Riojans ahead and managed to do the same in a corner kick that was thrown at the front of the field shortly after. That Menudo converged and only a save from the local keeper prevented it from being 0-2.

Eldense reacted to this weakness and gradually took UD Logroñés into their territory. The best way to respond to 0-1 was an action with similar characteristics that meant a draw. Álex Martínez flashed his left foot and his cross was tied to his head by Soberón, defeating Gonzalo at close range.

The local response was complete in the last minute of the first act, with Ortuño’s far right hand baffling Gonzalo.. The goalkeeper of the La Rioja team, heavily defended by many players from both teams, reacted too late to his opponent’s shot and could not prevent a 2-1 victory.

Aerial duel between football players from Eldense and Logroñés Matias Segarra

In the second half, Eldense devoted themselves to controlling their opponents’ attacks and successfully defending the loot they had collected after falling behind so quickly on the scoreboard. They were not brilliant, but they were effective.

The Rojiblancos didn’t have a lot of draw chances, but they had three very clear chances: another good lateral mid-point header from Doncel, a successful blast from Mendes’ Guille Vallejo and a one-on-one reflexive shot, and an expanding discount. A shot by Dani Pinchín. On a day full of flashbacks, Eldense finds itself at the top again.

match paper

ELDENSE: Vallejo; Toni Abad, Álex Martínez, Pardo, Cris Montes (Estacio, 75′), Ortuño, Soberón (Capó, 75′), Núñez, Diego González, Clemente (Luque, 75′) and Cristian López (Juanto, 63′).

UD LOGROÑES: Gonzalo; Campins (Boniquet, 57′), David Fernández, Cristian, Iñaki, Markel (Schutte, 85′), Sierra, Keita (Exhibit, 57′), Menudo (Dani Pinchín, 85′), Doncel (Zourdine, 75′) and mendes

GOALS: 0-1 (10′) Doncel. 1-1 (35′) Sobering. 2-1 (44′) Medium.

REFEREE: Carlos Calderiña Pavón. Campins warned Menudo and Markel.

STADIUM: New Pepico Amat.