Brazilian former football player Edson Arantes Nascimento performing ‘Pelé’82 years old and treated since last year a tumor in the colonit was again He was admitted to the hospital this Wednesday.according to one of his daughters who explained that it was nothing serious.

According to the bulletin, the three-time world champion was admitted to the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo city for evaluation of the results of chemotherapy, where he treated a colon tumor diagnosed in September 2021. by the medical center.

“After the medical evaluation, the patient was taken to the common room. without the need to admit him to the semi-intensive care unit. In the statement made by the hospital, it was stated that the vital functions of the former football player were completely under control and his clinical condition was stable.

The bulletin encountered press reports that doctors who treated it diagnosed an anasarca (generalized inflammation) condition and found decompensated heart failure.

Before the hospital reported the health status of the man who is considered by many to be the greatest football player of all time, his daughter Kely Nascimento posted on her Instagram to reassure her fans and announced that it was nothing serious.

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“The media has gone crazy again and I want to calm down a bit. My father is in the hospital and they are arranging his meds.”Nascimento, 55, who was in Qatar after the World Cup, said.

Pelé’s daughter added that there was “no surprise or emergency” after announcing that she was not urgently looking for a plane to return to Brazil, that her siblings were with Pelé at the hospital, and that she planned to visit her in the new year.

Thanking her 82-year-old son for better health in October, Pelé underwent surgery last year after a colon tumor was detected during a routine series of tests.

Since then he has been exposed cycle of chemotherapy sessions this forced him to go to the hospital several times to keep a close eye on his progress.

Pelé’s health deteriorated in recent years due to other reasons, including spinal, hip and knee problems that reduced his mobility and forced him to undergo surgery, and he suffered a kidney attack.

This has greatly reduced his public appearance, although he remains very active on social networks.