Javier “El Flaco” Pastore Y Fede “Bird” Fernandez They are still waiting to sign their agreement to definitively separate themselves from Elche CF.

Initially, both players They had planned to join the Oliva concentration, but last Saturday the club decided it wasn’t worth extending their status. and informed them that they were not counted for the new coach.

An unpopular decision. two Argentine internationalhoping to get one last chance machine. In addition, the Franjiverde organization reported to them: all physical trainers and healers would travel to Oliva with the team and Couldn’t train for Martínez Valero.

Fede Fernández comes to the Diego Quiles court to practice MATÍAS SEGARRA

Now, the owner of Elche, Christian Bragarnikis trying reach agreement with representatives Pastore and Fede Fernández have contracts until the end of the season.a. The aim is not to delay the situation too much. in time, because, yesI won’t come before next weekWhen the team returns from Valencia territory, have the right to return to education.