PP counts on Moncloa pressure to question Puig’s tax cut

this People’s Party After making his statement, he thinks Ximo Puig is at a crossroads. tax reform In the general policy debate, he was caught between the distrust that aroused in Pedro Sánchez’s Government and the growing pressure from his partners at Botànic, Compromís and Unides Podem, who insisted that the rich should be more to blame. The public don’t want to miss the weakness they believe they’ve found in the president, and they started storming this Wednesday to question his tax cut. This is done both by the regional leader and Carlos Mazonlike María José Catalá, number two, who accused him, among other things, of proposing a tax reform or making an announcement “with little mouth, indistinctly and without due diligence” while the tourist tax was being processed.

Mazón was the first to initiate the reproaches against Puig. The PPCV leader recalled that the Generalitat head “aimed to punish communities that lowered taxes last week” and that the cut “returns only 150 million out of the 1,500 collected so far by Generalitat.” The man from Alicante, who could not answer Puig because he was not a deputy in the Valencian Parliament, also relied on the claim that the people had been suggesting tax reform for months, which he frequently used last month. there will be no harm with community services or the welfare state.

In his view, amid the lack of certainty contained in Puig’s speech, Mazón regrets that the person in charge of Consell did not say “neither the rate is, nor whether it will be implemented in 2022 or 2023, and what implications this will have”. may have.” The man from Alicante celebrates this. tax cut controversy Reached PSPV. “At the moment we find ourselves, seeing inconsistencies every day doesn’t seem like the best way to deal with this situation,” he added.


In his media attention, Mazón was asked if he wanted to stray from Puig’s own lines. Pedro Sanchez and search your own profile with your tax measures. Regarding this, the PPCV leader said he didn’t know which “face” he should hide from the president because he was “against reducing taxes one week and thinking the opposite the next week”. As for the nearly eighty announcements that the Consel president made in his speech at the debate, the man from Alicante assured that many of the statements he made last year were not fulfilled.

In line with Mazón, general secretary of the popular party and trustee of the Cortes, María José Catalá, Botanical and Puig decided not to finalize the tax proposal while insisting on a deal proposal to lower taxes in the Community of Valencia. Catalá was critical of the fact that none of the resolutions jointly put forward by the three government partners overturned the financial proposal, raising the question whether PSPV had not received authorization from Moncloa or Valencia partners for this.

The popular trustee insisted that the reform announced by Puig was “inadequate” and “far from the one proposed by the PPCV.” At this point, he used Mazón’s argument that popular ones suggest a savings achieved. 1.5 billion, while the president’s remains at 150 million. Catalá added that it wasn’t clear whether the housing discount for young people was compatible with the current discount, and claimed that the discounts announced for families were “improvable”, compared to the “16% increase in the shopping cart,” with a cut of one or two euros.

PPCV also presented alternatives for Consel to go to court if the proposal to change the regional funding model does not improve the Community situation. tourist taxHis tour in Parliament began last July.

Source: Informacion


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