Oltra’s contradictions take the chief of staff and a former undersecretary to court

Different versions of Consell Mónica Oltra, who ordered the initiation of the administrative case into the abuse of a monitor by the ex-husband of the former Minister of Equality to a minor in custody, led the attorney general. From the 15th Investigation Court of Valencia, to refer to two of Oltra’s close collaborators. In a car reported yesterday, the magistrate said that Mónica Oltra’s former chief of staff was being investigated “as soon as possible”. Michael Royal, and in 2017, the presidential undersecretary and current regional finance secretary, Francesc Gamero’s photo.

Oltra’s contradictions take the chief of staff and a former undersecretary to court

In the decision, the magistrate considers it necessary to listen to Oltra’s chief of staff and the vice-presidential secretary as they are being investigated, following Oltra’s statement on September 19, “informative file or confidential information that forms a relevant part of the investigation”.

explain what it is

The magistrate justifies these new subpoenas (which raises the number of those investigated in this case to sixteen) because “the trial needs to continue to clarify what happened in those days.” The key dates are Friday, August 4, 2017, when the former Minister of Equality assured Miquel Real that she learned of the precautionary measures taken against her in the event of abuse via a phone call from her second ex-husband. cabinet and Oltra’s first husband).

Also on Tuesday, August 8, 2017, when the Deputy Director General for Children and Adolescents sent a letter to the regional manager “who is interested in opening a fact sheet” about the incident. abuse of minors in care.

In the same appeal to Real and Gamero, the judge reported that Oltra, in his statement on September 19, “explained a version of the events that took place between 4 and 8 August 2017, which deviates from the reality of what was written in the session. Diary of the courts, Minister for Equality on April 21, 2021”. in the presence of »the minor who is “under investigation” for providing details of the case and confidential information regarding the abuse or the action of the Ministry of Equality at the opening of the information dossier.

The second episode of Audiencia de València considers observer Luis Ramírez Icardi a “supplementary file” created to discredit the minor in the sentence that sentenced him to five years in prison for abuses. The sentence is pending appeal at the Supreme Court, which has not yet been accepted to be processed.

The judge further details that Oltra’s appearance on September 19 “deviated from her statement before the press on March 7” after learning of the accusations of the Director-General for Children and other officials of the Ministry of Equality. And, according to Oltra, she assumed it was an “emotional outburst” when she made the decision to open the information file, although she later denied the launch order.

In her statement dated September 19, Oltra told the magistrate she urged the chief of staff to “gather information” “right after” after learning of the harassment investigation on August 4, following a search by her ex-husband and her watcher. Y [averigüe] If anyone in the Ministry knows anything about it, as I learned it as Mónica Oltra, not as a Minister.” Oltra assures that she no longer intervenes in the matter, as she had to attend a medical emergency with one of her children in August 2017 and later abstained. The judge was interested in knowing if the chief of staff had briefed the deputy chief of staff about the “situation”.

“I don’t know when he reported, and less then. Now I know it’s in that week, but although I don’t know how to set the date, “Oltra has assured. The Vice Presidency and the Ministry of Equality have assured Efe agency that they respect the Justice’s decision to clarify this case and hope that it will “quickly work out in favor of the accused.” they said.

New proceedings to find out who ordered the victim to be handcuffed

The accusation demands that the police officers, their investigators and the director of the center be summoned to testify.

The specific accusation carried out by the young victim of the abuse requested the Valencia Investigation Court No. 15 to summon two officials of the Autonomous Police, which was protecting the minor, to the court on 7 November 2019 to testify as witnesses. Victim of the lawsuit against Oltra’s ex-husband and his inspector. Similarly, the director of the Burjassot Junior Center where the minor is kept under guardianship and requests an educator to be summoned. The abuse victim’s legal representative, in her petition seeking new proceedings, argues that “their testimonies are of particular importance in verifying how the driving and detention took place, thereby identifying where or from whom the sign of the girl’s handcuffing came from.”

In fact, they do not exclude that the way he was tried in chains as if he were the accused rather than the victim was part of a strategy to distort the story by “intimidating the victim, making him anxious”. and putting his tense moments before testifying in court.

On the other hand, when referring to the enactment of Law No. 26/2018 “because it is not a qualified title” as a result of Mónica Oltra’s statement, which justifies the Generalitat Attorney General’s failure to appear as a private prosecution to defend the interests of a custodial minor, the accusation is that the said law, guardianship It points out that it repealed the previous Law No. 12/2008, in which it was already accepted that the defense and representation of minors under the law were fulfilled by the Law. Office of the Generalitat.

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