“The assets of any country will simply be stolen”, Patrushev said: the United States will soon default

“Washington will be default”

Nikolai Patrushev participated in the consultations by high-level representatives of Russia and member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations via video link. He stated that the uncontrolled growth of debt has caused it to exceed the US national debt limit by $30 trillion.

“As a result, Washington will default on its obligations to Russia, as it has already done. According to Patrushev, the press service of the apparatus of the Russian Security Council, the financial assets of any state in US dollars and euros will simply be stolen.

According to him, the destructive policy of the United States deals Asia no less serious blow than Europe: ASEAN countries are forced to buy wheat much more expensive than before.

“You know that Europe today is truly plunged into an unprecedented crisis – and it is precisely because of the sanctions that the Americans impose on their partners to their detriment,” said the Secretary of the Security Council.

He said the main reason for the “spike in food and energy prices” was the “printing shop operating in the US and Europe”. Patrushev said the largest fund issuance in the last 40 years took place during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The USA printed 5.9 trillion dollars and Europe 2.9 trillion euros. “Westerners are cynically shifting the resulting inflationary burden to developing countries against this background,” he said.

US expansion into Asia

Patrushev also accused the US of trying to impose the “Ukrainian scenario” on China and then imposing blocking sanctions.

“We find the US actions to incite tensions between Beijing and Taipei absolutely irresponsible. The Americans follow the same policy towards the island as towards Ukraine. “Its job is to accuse China of making a unilateral attempt to change the status quo and imposing prohibitive sanctions against Beijing,” he said.

He believes that the United States is striving for the geopolitical expansion of Asia. As a confirmation of this thesis, he gave the June NATO summit held in Madrid on 28-30 June as an example. It endorsed a new strategic concept that allowed the Asia-Pacific region to be included in the North Atlantic Alliance’s area of ​​responsibility. In addition, the Americans, NATO and Japan are strengthening their military presence in regional waters, including the South China Sea.

“There is a consistent militarization in the Asia-Pacific area, an increase in the military presence of the Americans, NATO members and the Japanese in regional waters, including the South China Sea,” said the Secretary of the Security Council.

Patrushev described the deployment of anti-missile defense systems in the region as “particularly dangerous” for strategic stability. Under these defensive weapons, “the Americans hide the deployment of offensive potential in the region.”

He added that Washington and its allies “present themselves as the only possible protector and protector of the peoples of Asia” to cover up their “adventure plans”. But in fact, “behind this screen” the US “continues to escalate tensions, pump the region with weapons and troops, and organize provocations.”

Thus, in early August, Speaker of the US Congress House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, despite protests from Chinese officials who considered the island their territory.

US troops withdraw from the Korean Peninsula

Patrushev added that if North Korea tests new nuclear weapons, the United States is prepared to deploy strategic forces near the Korean Peninsula.

“In the event of a new atomic weapon test by the North Koreans, Washington is preparing to deploy strategic forces near the Korean Peninsula, which will further deteriorate the situation in the region,” he said.

The Secretary of the Security Council of Russia concluded that US provocations only lead to increased instability in the Asia-Pacific region and could potentially lead to an armed conflict. He noted that the creation of new “dividing lines” through the “quartet security dialogue” and the creation of alliances such as AUKUS is destroying regional security in the region.

The Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Patrushev, said that the United States could soon default on its foreign debt – this would allow Washington to “simply steal” any state’s assets in dollars and euros. He also believes that the US is seeking geopolitical expansion into Asia.

Source: Gazeta


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