“Yes, I had fun, even violently.” Finnish prime minister suspected of drug use

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, 36, said she sees nothing wrong with her social media videos where she sings and dances with her friends. The party attended by the Prime Minister took place a few weeks ago, but video of the event has just hit the media.

According to the politician, he knew that the party participants were recording what was happening on smartphones, but was confident that the videos would not be made public, because “we are talking about personal videos shot in private places.”

“I am sorry that these videos have become public. Taken at a party with friends a few weeks ago. We partyed, danced and sang,” said Marin. he added “I didn’t do anything illegal and didn’t use anything other than drugs or alcohol”.

He also said that he visited two bars in central Helsinki after the party.

“I want to show that public positions are held by ordinary people who lead ordinary lives. “I have a family, a job, and like many people my age, I also have free time to spend with my friends.”

– said the Finnish Prime Minister.

Previously, Iltalehti and Ilta-Sanomat newspapers distributed videos of MP Ilmari Nurminen, TV presenters Tinni Wikström and Karolina Tuominen, photographer Janita Autio, stylist Vesa Silver, singer Alma and other Finnish celebrities having fun with the Prime Minister.

Some media outlets report that the word “jauhojengi” (the term “jauho” is sometimes used for drugs) is heard in one of the videos. However, social media users noted that the word “jallujengi” or “jallu jenny” most likely sounded in reference to the Finnish liqueur Jaloviina, which the Yle TV channel clarified. However, the prime minister was asked to disclose whether drugs were used at the party.

“I did nothing but drugs and alcohol. Yes I had fun, even violently, I danced, sang, had fun, did completely legal things. I haven’t seen others do that either. [употребляли наркотики],” said Marin at Yle.

The prime minister also said he is ready to conduct drug testing if necessary. His comment came after Riikka Purra, head of the opposition True Finns Party, urged him to volunteer for such a test.

“I have nothing to hide. I don’t do drugs,” said Marin. The prime minister also said that he does not feel the need to change his behavior because he does not think that he has done anything wrong.

“Yes, I will be the same as before, and I hope this will be accepted. We live in a democracy. “Anyone can solve these problems in elections,” he said.

He expressed his hope that his political activities will now come to the fore. “I intend to focus on the fulfillment of prime ministerial duties. There’s a lot of work to be done. Sometimes I relax with my friends even though I have a day off,” she said. He also has no intention of finding out who cut and broadcast the videos shot at the party.

The reaction of the media and Finnish politicians

Some Finnish media accused Sanna Marin of discrediting the government and emphasized that news about the party was actively received by foreign publications.

At the same time, Finnish politicians differed in their assessment of what had happened. For example, Mikko Kärnä, a member of the Finnish Center, suggested using the word “jauhojengi” to denote the prime minister’s team.

“Against the background of public debate, it would be wise for the Prime Minister to voluntarily undergo a drug test, the results of which will be made public by an independent body. “The nation has the right to expect this from the prime minister,” he said.

Mikael Jungner, a member of the Liike Nyt party, sided with Sanna Marin and called for “respect for everyone’s privacy and respect for human dignity, even when it comes to the prime minister”. He called the leaked video ugly and stated that “any attempt to score points from the video, including from the media, is distasteful”.

Former Foreign Minister Timo Soini said that this behavior of the prime minister cannot be ignored.

“I don’t want to be the first stone thrower, but I know you have to live an unnaturally flawless life in these positions,” Soini said.

He also stressed that the biggest mistakes in politics are made when careers are at their best.

In response, Antti Lindtman, head of the SDP parliamentary faction, said Sanna Marin has the group’s trust. He noted that the incident was related to what the Prime Minister did in his personal time.

“After all, even the prime minister is only human,” Lindtman said.

The German magazine Bild, which had previously evaluated Marin’s image, called her: “the coolest politician in the world”.

“The most important politician in his country has to lead the country in one of the most dangerous crises of his time due to the militant activities of neighboring Russia – and he still finds time to celebrate,” the newspaper said.

Prime Minister’s Responsibility

Finnish political scientist Johan Beckman said in an interview with socialbites.ca that no one could fire Sanna Marin because she was under NATO’s “special protection”.

“I remind you that in February 2021 a special report was published by the military bloc on the protection of information of the Finnish government and in particular about Sanna Marin. It was revealed there that NATO had a special defense program,” he said.

He also believes there was a possibility that drugs were used at the party. “It’s about powder… Sanna Marin claims she didn’t hear the word powder in the video, but it’s absolutely clear to anyone that the word powder appears in the video,” Beckman says.

Citing Finnish media, he said that after the party, Sanna Marin went to Teatteri nightclub in central Helsinki. As Seisk points out, the prime minister was already drunk by then.

Second party of the year

Similar parties with the participation of the Finnish Prime Minister have already appeared in the media. In December 2021, there was a scandal in Finland after Sanna Marin spent an evening in a nightclub after coming into contact with someone infected with COVID-19.

At first the prime minister was told that he did not need to isolate as he had full vaccinations, but later missed a message advising him to isolate himself.

Marin explained that she missed a text message sent to a government phone, not a personal device she had with her. Critics of the prime minister said he had to carry a government phone with him at all times for national security reasons.

At the end of the trial, Justice Chancellor Tuomas Pöisti ruled that Marin’s going to a nightclub without an official government phone did not violate any rules. Since the incident, a new system has been introduced that requires the recipient of official messages to confirm receipt. Marin apologized for his behavior and stated that he should avoid social contact.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has again found herself in the middle of a scandal after a video of her dancing and having fun with her friends was published in the media. The politician said he “didn’t do anything illegal and didn’t take drugs or anything other than alcohol” and also urged him to understand that “ordinary people who lead ordinary lives are in key public positions”. In some Finnish media, Marin was accused of damaging the reputation of the authorities, but some politicians sided with the prime minister.

Source: Gazeta


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