“Do you know who is your worst enemy? You”: Arestovich denounced Russian hatred of Ukrainians

Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Oleksiy Arestovich on the Telegram channel on August 16 declarationThat their loved ones will pay “with thousands of lives” for the “weakness and stupidity” of Ukrainians. He noted that starting the process of hatred and denial, the eradication of Russians and Belarusians, is the “solution for oysters”. Also in broadcasts of August 17, Arestovich noted that concealing information about the launch of a special operation by President Vladimir Zelensky was a necessary measure.

“You did not shine with intelligence and strength even in times of peace, and when war came you have now decided that your stupidity and weakness were justified. You can swell as much as you want, but you’re skinny. And under pressure – and most stupid. Those who want to get away from the good Russians and the bad Belarusians. The weak choose the simplest solutions,” wrote Arestovich.

According to him, Ukrainians who want to vent their feelings and start a culture of cancellation rely on praise, but “just add drugs”.

“The nuances are hard to understand, easier to hate and deny everyone – the solution is for an oyster,” he said.

Payment time

Arestovich believes that the hatred of the Ukrainians towards the Russians and Belarusians led to the lack of support of both peoples in Ukraine, and because of this Kiev lost its aid from “ordinary warriors to experts and millionaires”.

“These are tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of wobblers who might take our side – even if they don’t agree with themselves – and won’t. These are resources they can sabotage from our enemies, or even divert them to us,” he wrote, noting that now Ukrainian citizens “will have to pay for these resources themselves, along with thousands of relatives and friends.”

According to Arestovich, this situation in the future, after the end of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, “during the events in the Russian Federation and Belarus, will lash us at the slightest recovery. And most likely not the smallest. However, the Presidential Adviser did not specify the nature of the upcoming events.

He also accused those who participated in the hostilities from Kiev of not being able to fight. “He who knows how to fight does not give resources to the enemy, he takes from them. You take on fighting an enemy potentially ten times stronger and voluntarily add potential to it.

Weakness is the biggest enemy

The official definition of “weakness” in the operational dictionary is “to act against the best solution in a given situation”. You tirelessly praise yourself on social networks to compensate for your weakness. Your brain is now being exploited by public traders who quickly find what sells better. You and untie. A wise man seeks allies, fools repel friends.“, – said.

As a result, he added, the hope of “weak” Ukrainians that “war will wipe out everything” will not come true. “A man is not someone who knows how to fight. And who knows who his enemy is. Do you know who your biggest enemy is? you,” he concluded.

Zelensky’s defense

In broadcasts of August 17, Arestovich acquitted the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. interview The Washington Post stated that it deliberately did not warn the people of the country about the start of a special military operation by the RF Armed Forces. According to him, this will lead to panic, mass exodus of the country’s inhabitants and the collapse of the financial and logistics systems.

“The panic would begin, there would be a massive withdrawal of money, a mass abandonment of the country, a break in the production chains, a budget crisis, and in March there would be nothing to buy bullets anyway. Find me examples in modern history where the government warned its citizens of the outbreak of war? He wrote.

According to him, “all units of the security forces” and “other respectable people” fled Ukraine in the first weeks of the NMD.

“The bravest – some from Transcarpathia, some from Europe. They told me how to win,” he wrote.

He also admitted the mistake of the Ukrainian authorities in preparing the country for hostilities, because “humanity is not at a stage where it can carry out processes of this magnitude without errors.” The masses said that only in the elections they can evaluate the actions of the country’s leadership and demand the creation of a special commission that will investigate these errors after the end of hostilities.

hunting for Zelensky

He also stated that the president did not take his family out of Ukraine with the start of special operations.

“The President also did not take the family out and welcomed the beginning of the war here. His family hunted privately. And they hunt,” he said.

Arestovich also said that only two qualities make up the list of Zelensky’s shortcomings – his kindness and humanity.

Zelensky’s explanation

On August 16, the President of Ukraine said in an interview with the Washington Post that he had received warnings from Western intelligence about the upcoming special operation of the Russian Federation, but did not inform the Ukrainians about it. According to the politician, he was afraid of the chaos that would certainly arise due to panic and further weaken the country. He stressed that most of the citizens, including his entire family, stayed at home and did not go anywhere.

“In general, our inner feeling was correct: if we sow chaos among the people before the invasion, the Russians will eat us. Because during the chaos, people are fleeing the country,” he said.

According to the Ukrainian leader, until February 24, Ukraine was “as strong as it could be”. Some of the residents left the country, but “the majority stayed here, fighting for their homes.”

Zelensky also said that throughout December, January and February, Ukrainian citizens actively withdraw money from the state economy. “We can be strict about it, but we haven’t let the Federal Reserve or anyone else limit people’s ability to withdraw their money. However, we knew very well that this would affect the country’s economy.

He reminded that he asked Western countries to close their airspace right after the start of the special operations, but this was never done.

Aleksey Arestovich, chief adviser to the office of the President of Ukraine, invoked the hatred of some Ukrainians for the weakness and stupidity of the Russians, and said that “tens and hundreds of thousands of hesitating people” could side with Ukraine. Also, the country justified President Vladimir Zelensky for not warning the public about the upcoming special operation of the Russian Armed Forces in February.

Source: Gazeta


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