PP unlocks leadership change in Next Generations ten years later

The last time the popular people of Alicante province elected president of the New Generations, Alberto Fabra ruled the Valencian Community with an absolute majority, Mariano Rajoy lived in La Moncloa, and rivals such as the main formation of the right, PP, Vox and Ciudadanos would emerge. They were different times. In 2012 the then mayor of Torrevieja, Luis María Pizana, was head of the party’s youth wing at a congress in La Nucia… and to this day. With Pizana outside the initial political line during his current tenure and with the 2023 election processes just around the corner, the PP has now mobilized the process of renewing the organisation’s leadership. lubricating machines, Mobilizing grassroots and coordinating campaign strategy A priority that Carlos Mazón will launch himself to conquer the Palau de la Generalitat. The successor selection meeting will be held in Elche.

The current president of New Generations has called the provincial board of directors to meet on Wednesday afternoon, with the main item on his agenda is the convening of the extraordinary congress, which will be held in Elche on September 17th as scheduled. The choice of this city is not accidental. The celebration of the meeting in the city of Elche is intended to commemorate Sergio Rodriguez, a former councilor in Elche and city council adviser who died in a car accident this summer. Rodriguez, who is also responsible for the Next Generations in his city, was ultimately the person who led the task of coordinating all youth councils in the state. His tragic death forced the populars to make a move to choose who would be the new visible head on the Alicante border.

In the case of the province of Alicante, it is firmly accepted that there will be a consensus candidate to lead the Next Generations. The slogan given in all organic processes, as in all processes in local assemblies, is to offer candidacy to the union and avoid the ballot box and the image of division. The XV at the national level, held last year and led by her deputy, Bea Fanjul. Edelmira Ferri (Guardamar del Segura).

The formalization of the replacement of the New Generations’ visible chairman in the province is part of the process promoted by the party for the renewal of leadership in all municipalities of the province, with particular regard to May 2023, when local elections will be held, and in particular May 2023. autonomous. Party sources argue for the need to come up with a new direction that functions as a link with local councils, as well as with the regional and national organisation. Acting as a transmission channel for the party is a priority to advance the project, currently chaired by Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

The ups and downs of PP in the province of Alicante were the main reason delaying the process of giving new impetus to Next Generations. After all, the current president is approaching 40 years old and new youth role models are needed.

In the last three years, the PP of the state of Alicante has had no more than three presidents. after his sudden departure Jose CiscarHe took the number two reins, the current mayor of Torrevieja, resigning his post in 2019, Eduardo Dolon. He was in charge for a year, followed by Carlos Mazón. A year later, he jumped to the presidency of PPCV and mayor of Benidorm. Tony Perezwas at the provincial level. Along the way, Pablo Casado was overthrown and Feijóo took over. It was too turbulent for the party to decide to postpone the renewal of leadership on the youth front until now.

Execution of the sentence awaited in Alicante

The renewal of positions in Next Generations of the PP, at least in the case of the city of Alicante, has been punctuated by controversy. The Alicante Court of First Instance No. 7 sentenced the municipal youth organization, which has been led by an administrator since 2015, to summon an extraordinary congress to elect the president in March.

He was a member of the youth wing of the PP who took the case to court, and the judge agreed with him. It ruled that the New Generations and the PP never discussed before the members what serious exceptional reasons were available that justified their failure to be summoned to a congress established by the party charter.

The organization was in the hands of a director who, according to the charter, had a “temporary” term of up to six months before calling the congress or assembly specified in those regulations.

They stated that no files will be moved from the PP until the process of renewing the provincial structure, which has started now, is official. Therefore, everything indicates that the pending issue will be resolved in the coming months.

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