Puig: “Fire-affected areas will rely on Generalitat’s recovery”

Consell chairman Ximo Puig assured today that areas affected by the fires will have the Generalitat “recover and restart these areas”, without which the Valencian Community would be incomprehensible. But he argued that the most important thing right now is to save the lives of neighbors and firefighters working to put out the flames that started Saturday night in Vall d’Ebo. Similarly there is another fire in Bejís (Castellón).

Speaking to the media in Xàtiva (Valencia), Puig lamented the “extremely complex and complex” situation in recent days in the face of these fires, which represent “the disappearance of an important part of our natural heritage”. He expressed great concern as temperatures continue to be very high. He underlined that this night went a little better, but that the moisture in Vall d’Ebo did not enter as much as expected and that it calmed the flames.

About Worst fire in ten years in the province of Alicante, where more than 7,000 hectares have burned. logged in Hail in El Comtat area Y forced the towns of Fageca and Famorca to evacuate, also the village Margaret, as recently as it was owned by the Planes municipality. toll booths. Antonio Teruel reported that there are four municipalities affected by the fire in this area, as well as four other municipalities in Marina Alta.

The head of Generalitat will go to the Integrated Operational Coordination Center (CECOPI) today to analyze the status of these fires.


Elena Bastidas, the PP’s deputy spokesperson in Parliament, said Tuesday that the head of the Generalitat wants to appear in the regional Parliament to explain everything related to the forest in a “first person” manner. fires this summer

At a press conference, Bastidas conveyed his party’s support to the troops working in the fires in various parts of the Valencian Community these days, as well as to the affected and evacuated neighbors.

“Our support and encouragement to the Police, Civil Guard, neighbors, Emergencies, Red Cross or UME, to all people involved in the extinguishing efforts, who are working to stabilize the fires as soon as possible,” the MP said.

Bastidas reminded that the time has come for all governments and political groups to “row in the same direction” to fight the fires that are still going on. Then, when the fires and epidemics stabilize, the time will come to seek clarification about it. pre-emergency, emergency as well as post-emergency work”.

The deputy spokesman said he hoped Puig “wanted to appear in court to explain this tragedy in the first person”.

He also stressed that it would be ideal to set up an interdepartmental commission with the participation of all affected departments to serve the residents and deal with all the damage.

Meanwhile, it was Gabriela Bravo, Minister of Justice, Home Affairs and Public Administration, who wanted to appear before the Court to report on the actions taken by the Valencian Department of Security and Emergency Response in the recent bushfires.

Requests to appear before the parliamentary commission on Justice, Governance and Public Administration were recorded this Tuesday and refer to the forest fires recorded in Les Useres (Castellón), Bejís (Castellón) and Vall d’Ebo (Alicante).

Source: Informacion


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