Disputes, feuds and other turmoil that plague Alicante politics

Greed for power. Dirty play to expose shame and discredit. Vendettas arranged to seek a competitor’s check. Playing in the same party, not opposite. as background, endless struggle for control of organic devicescorporate positions or simply and simply thirst for revenge. The numerous crises Alicante socialists have experienced, this time due to the dismissal of the spokesperson on the City Council, was the last tragicomedy to be broadcast in real time, with representatives of the people of the province in the lead role, but it is by no means the only one. Active warfare in the Alicante political board. Difficulties among other acronyms and disagreements with governing bodies are reproduced across the ideological spectrum, from north to south, provided that, in practice, in the pre-election flour, the climate voltage will continue to add decibels.

He put the private interest before the general interest and did not act faithfully to the project. With this succinct assessment, PSPV-PSOE general secretary Ximo Puig sought to cover his bullshit in the state capitol this August, with the aggravating circumstance that he was registered less than a year before the election. The head of the Valencian Socialists ended the trance and almost triumphantly announced that Alicante would be a “strong” candidate for the next appointment with the polls. By then, spokesman Francesc Sanguino had revolted more than ever before against industry loyal to former senator Ángel Franco, who controlled the local group, knowing that his options for staying in office were nil. It arose in an attempt to bring about a mentor purge and competency changes among his bandmates. Finally a suicide strategy, ended with the neutralization of the person responsible for the riot. As a result, the plan to suffocate the fire showed once again that the state’s socialist families were divided into two blocs with a tight distribution of power: Xism and the first party of the Sanchistas, now the Alexandrians. After the meeting at which Sanguino’s dismissal was decided, one and the other filed charges in the middle of the street. From show to show and without blush.

Staged by socialists from Alicante, vaudeville sought to take advantage of its main electoral rivals, the PP. Municipal group spokesperson Mari Carmen Sánchez stepped forward to grab a slice. Why don’t you rub salt in the wound to get partisan revenue, she must have thought. In these, she urged PSPV-PSOE to “do something, work, and leave their inner-party misery behind.” In short, he ordered them to put order in their ranks and control the staff, as the people’s council should do in its jurisdiction. luis barcala. It’s on their privileges, because right around the corner, an old friend of the seagull party jumps onto the stage from time to time in search of tickles. Some say it is. Others are far from causing headaches. Be as much as you can sonia caste He does not forgive the fact that the City Council continues to demand four years in prison in the General Plan case. The resentment is such that the former councilor enjoys playing with his possible return to politics to piss off Barcala. Playing ignorant is his specialty, and everything shows that he at least enjoys it.

It remains to be seen whether the attempts by PPCV chairman Carlos Mazón to calm the turbulent waters within the party and achieve full unification, as he sought in Orihuela, can be realized in Alicante. Is it possible to photograph Castedo and Barcala together again posing and smiling like in the old days? It looks difficult, of course, but stranger things have been seen.

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Barcala, meanwhile, is a mayor who occasionally shows off a little loose and Mazón doesn’t find it funny. This is something seen in the days of vertigo that ended with Pablo Casado’s political epitaph; The days when Barcala set his own profile and chose not to continue to publicly support Casado against the directions of the district leadership. However, possible contradictions are never voiced and commitment to the project is imposed. After all, he is also the general secretary of the PPCV and the trustee of the Cortes, Maria José Katala Sometimes it acts as a loose verse that assumes a direct connection to Genoa.

Orihuela is today the great powder keg of Mazón in the province. The apparent hostility between former councilor Emilio Bascuñana and Dámaso Aparicio, the former chairman of the party in the municipality, became so critical that Mazón dissolved the local ruler and appointed a ruler with a maximum term of six months. But eight months have passed and the manager is still there, doing his job, integrating. Thus, Bascuñana, who stated that he wanted to participate in the process to achieve organic control, was blocked. Although he tried to make his own comments, his own party prevented him from doing so. At least now it was possible to open a new center in the municipality, after having to close the previous one because the accounts were empty. And in this whole game, former mayor Mónica Lorente, a friend of Mazón’s Zaplanista wars, entered the scene and placed people he trusted as the ruler, including those who were expelled from the party years ago. While PP has long sought a candidate in Orihuela, Vox continues to seek to try to seduce the headstrong who don’t stop fighting.

It cannot be said that the home of Orihuela’s PSOE is much more organized than the popular ones. It is the only group that has not yet run the internal process to renew the organic leadership currently held by the mayor, Caroline Grace, ximista current. Just because Ferraz, as mayor, appoints him as the poster’s future president at will and without drinking the primaries doesn’t mean that the Alexandrians are with the former councillor. Anthony Zapata on the front, they stopped fighting for organic power. They demand that the militancy raise its voice; also 80 people who made the card last year. PSPV-PSOE and Ferraz will be the ones who will have to activate the suspended process so as not to overshadow the no-confidence motion that brought Gracia to the Mayor’s Office, and an explanation of what another of their focal points is is awaited. This task of the socialists in the province, located in San Vicente del Raspeig. There are five councilors there that are under the control of the Puig-led party, which could lead to a suspension from membership. All of this is the result of the scandal of leaked conversations of WhatsApp groups in which councilors are integrated. Speeches in which the mayor was skinned without hesitation, Jesus Villarand sensitive information on municipal files were handled.

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There are 5 names waiting for the decision: Guillermo Garcia, Isabel Candela, Pilar Alcolea, Lucia Rubio and Juan Antonio López Perona. Alderman Villar, on the other hand, can now breathe more easily than ever before. As mayor of a municipality with a population of more than 20,000, he falls within the quota of those who already have the anointing of Ferraz in order to repeat as a candidate and without internal ballot boxes. The PSOE Federal Committee’s directive to allow mayors to run the cartel, Carlos Gonzalez, although the issues of the party are handled by Alejandro Soler. In some socialist circles of Elche, it is argued that with the party’s charter, the call for primary elections could be forced if half the militancy demands it, but Ferraz ignored this slogan as he spread the rules to start drawing future candidates. The recovery of some industries vox populi. Whether they move or not, it will soon be seen.

Meanwhile, Cs, the party that provides a basis against bipartisanship, does not escape from its own contradictions. The files that the party keeps open for other positions are added to the total of the missing council members. Among them, all the councilors of Orihuela for kicking the councilor from the PP and allying with the PSOE without permission. This was in April… and he was never heard from again. The file is still under review. There is no more. On the other hand, the response was stronger in the case of the provincial coordinator, Javier Gutierrezwere suspended from militancy after opposing censorship in Orihuela and saying loudly and clearly that joining the joint lists with the PP for 2023 could benefit them. The organic liquidation also affected César Martínez and Chechu Herrerro, the state secretaries of Corporate Action and Organization.

It is unknown who the Cs in the province are today. If he suffers the same fate as Madrid or Andalusia, it is more clear who he will be after the next elections.


The fall of Francesc Sanguino as city spokesperson and the search for candidates for the next elections marked the end of the political course of the Socialists in Alicante. Sonia Castedo is having fun with her poison darts at Luis Barcala, waiting to find out if whoever will run the cartel (the voice of Ana Barceló and Josefina Bueno in the pools) will open new interior fronts.


The decision of the PSOE Federal Committee to protect candidates for mayors of cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants without holding primary elections guaranteed Carlos González’s options to repeat as headlines in Elche. The decision bubbled up in some socialist factions, who argued that the party’s status guaranteed it could oust internal ballot boxes if militancy demanded it. Will there be movements?


The capital city of Vega Baja is one of the main political powder kegs in the state. After the PP terminates the local manager, it retains the manager beyond the stipulated periods. Lorente reappears organically, Mazón is looking for a candidate, and Vox tries to lure the disenchanted. The Socialists did not celebrate the process of renewing the local executive, although the possibility of repeating the headlines was warranted for councilor Gracia.


After the provincial leadership is purged, the party is beheaded in Alicante, while the national leadership delays files open to some councilors for months. While Provincial Assembly spokesman Javier Gutiérrez has already been released, nothing is known as to whether retaliation will be taken against Orihuela councilors for promoting an unauthorized no-confidence motion. He does not expect anything from his party until he is removed from the militancy.

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