Toni Perez wants Arcadi Spain to work on financing and investments for Alicante “after years of neglect”

President of Alicante State PP, Tony Perez requested this wednesday to the seller David Spain After his visit to Alicante, he asked the province to explain what compensatory measures it had to put in line for government investments, and that it was working harder for the province’s financing and investments, “after years of neglecting Alicante and the people of Alicante”. and “constantly marginalized by the central government”.

Pérez recalled that Alicante was the last in per capita investment “without going out of Consell to defend the people of Alicante, or standing in Madrid and asking whatever it takes to mitigate this marginalization”. “We demand that the PP take serious and urgent measures once and for all to make up for the lack of investment and financing in the province,” he said.

In the province of Alicante, too, in the face of the constant rise in prices and for sectors affected by the energy measures decree, the head of the popular in the province also demanded “serious help for SMEs and self-employed”. especially affecting the tourism, catering or hospitality industry”. On the other hand, he said “aid announcements from Concell for self-employed and SMEs” were all smoke.

“The empty announcements we see constantly continue with crazy measures one after another in terms of infrastructure, tourism and agriculture, with no investment, no financing, practically without the help of the Government and the Consul. “They are leaving us without investment, without financing, without infrastructure, without precautions and water for Imserso. We can no longer expect anything from the Consulate or the Government. The countdown has begun,” said Pérez.

New IVF center

The head of Alicante Province PP referred to the new office of the Valencian Institute of Finance (IVF), announced today in Alicante by Spain, and said he hopes this office will not suffer the same fate. The Valencian Innovation Agency’s Alicante headquarters, “The famous AVI, which will come to Alicante as a center for Community Innovation and remain in a small living room that does not represent or assist the people of Alicante or the university sector, is neither researcher nor innovation due to its ineffectiveness”.

Source: Informacion


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