Consell replicates the event at Casa de las Brujas to gain projection in Alicante

The Witches House in Alicante is bustling with activity. It was closed in the first three years of the legislature, not left empty, but the institutional agenda of the regional government in the provincial center is gaining intensity. Just last week, up to three ministers and a regional secretary held study sessions in these dependencies. Everything points to the fact that this dynamic will at least continue with the resumption of the political course as of September. Betting on making visible the manager’s activity in Alicante and making more contact with the social fabric is one of the keys followed for adding projection in the state. Projection of Botànic as a coalition aiming for a third term, which also includes the initials of the three partners that make up the trio. It should be noted that at this point in the legislature, movements framed in the pre-election context are beginning to gain notoriety in a special capacity.

Josefina Bueno is with Juan Ángel Poyatos.

On Monday, Socialist Rebeca Torró, Minister for Regional Policy, met with the mayors of Orihuela and Rafal, Carolina Gracia and Manuel Pineda, respectively. Tuesday, meeting of Toñi Serna, regional secretary for Cooperation and Democratic Quality, with representatives of the Civic Commission for Recovering the Historical Memory of Alicante. Wednesday, Minister of Innovation Josefina Bueno with Juan Ángel Poyatos, Director General for Coordination of Government Action. Thursday, Regional Ecological Transition Minister Mireia Molla with Tabarca Cultural Association and Tabarca Isla Plana Neighborhood Association. If you look back a year, luckily a member of Consell showed up every week. There is no longer a shortage of space to host meetings and meeting agendas, but there is no doubt that the movement is growing.

Rebeca Torró met with the mayors of Orihuela and Rafal.

Mireia Molla with Tabarca’s neighborhood associations.

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The head of Innovation, the only Alicante-based councilor, was the one who opened the ban in June, announcing that he would take on the role of Consel’s regional delegate through meetings with social groups and act as a transmission belt with the president, Ximo Puig, and also to gain visibility. Bueno pools in as a possible mayor of PSPV in Alicante, along with Ana Barceló, trustee of the socialist group in Cortes. With Crevillentina becoming Consell’s new vice president, her agenda was on the rise. More (Compromís) completed its first month in the position held by Mónica Oltra and has likewise set its sights on the province. As a matter of fact, Valencia, who topped his party’s regional list in the last elections, has a closed agenda in the Alicante region on Mondays and Tuesdays. Casa de las Brujas, likewise, is one of the places from his ministry where he posts issues on Equality and Inclusive Policies, from the perspective that also ensures him to be number two in the Generalitat and a rising profile in his education. . It’s about acronyms and meetings at Consell’s headquarters in Alicante, attended by his colleague Mullah from the government, which set his agenda this week to visit Diputación and meet with neighborhood institutions. Socialist Serna, on the other hand, is one of those who did not start posting in this building of Consell now, as she was one of the most present during her tenure.

With Toñi Serna and Antonia Moreno, Civil Commission of Historical Memory.

Antonia Moreno, the regional director of the Generalitat Presidency, which keeps its headquarters in this historical building, explains that the renovation carried out by Generalitat in this area is the first reform in 30 years. Restructuring to adapt to accessibility needs and clean face, making it a more attractive place for corporate work. And for one reason or another, everything points to Casa de las Brujas becoming the epicenter of regional politics in Alicante.

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