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PP seagull now flies at ground level


PP is moving. Education has locked down the headquarters, which has been its headquarters for the past ten years. Salamanca Street It is from the city of Alicante, which serves as the headquarters of both the provincial group led by Toni Perez and the municipal group headed by Luis Barcala. They will return the keys to the landlord to go elsewhere. It is not far and the rental price is almost the same. The difference is that the new buildings are at street level. This is exactly the key the party is looking for: to avoid offices located on the floors of buildings and to prefer offices that make things easier. communication with citizensthat they invite everyone who wants to listen to them or also want to relax.

The facilities provided by PP for its opening are located on Avenida Benito Pérez Galdós in Alicante. The opening date is currently unknown. At most, it will coincide with the start of the next political course in September. It’s free of the headquarters furniture they’ve been protecting so far, and the details are being finalized to enable the new dependencies. Carlos Mazón insisted on local structures, as he leapt to the provincial PP presidency and, above all, now that he was at the head of the PPCV and in the middle of the race for the Generalitat presidency. On the need to promote contact with the community, to learn about the needs of the party and to learn about its demands. The goal is to meet your expectations. future election program. Strengthening the remaining local governments in the province will be the key to trying to retain the Provincial Assembly, as well as overcoming the results of the 2019 district elections, when the seagull brand was the worst in Community history. while taking Only 19 MPs in the Cortes Valencia.

The reopening of venues, taking into account the 2023 election cycle, has already taken place in other municipalities, which are key to the popular ones in the province. One of the most paradigmatic examples is Orihuela. After the coup, which meant losing the government of the capital Vega Baja due to the no-confidence motion signed between PSOE and Cs, the PP tried to show unity in the most complicated moment. Popular Oriolanos historical figures such as former mayors attended the opening of the new headquarters in June. Jose Manuel Medina and Monica LorenteMazón’s maximum confidence as he is an old friend of the Zapatista. The appointment also succeeded in bringing together some of the two blocs that clashed at the municipal level. Also in this town, the new headquarters of the PP was at street level, on Avenida de España, while the previous headquarters was on the mezzanine of a building in Plaza Nueva and they had to leave due to lack of money. to face the rent.

If a parallel is drawn with Orihuela, it is clear that the first goal, namely to open the dependencies that allow PP’s gull to fly at ground level, has been practically fulfilled; There can be no reverse gear as Pablo Casado, the former head of the National PP, has done with packing the Genoa headquarters. As in Orihuela, Mazón’s success in bringing together the last mayors of the PP in Alicante is perhaps more complicated. especially sonia castewho occasionally flirts with a possible return to municipal politics, thereby sending poison darts to Barcala.

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