“Real signals”. Scholz and Macron could argue with Brussels over Russia

The leaders of Germany and France may clash with the European Commission to stabilize the dialogue with Russia, because it is the only solution to the problems of the European Union, believes Journalist Martin Jay in the material of the Strategic Culture Foundation (SCF) portal. He believes politicians may have arguments against the EC president due to the euro falling into par with the dollar, the political crisis in Italy, double-digit inflation in European countries and the situation in arms supplies to Ukraine.

“Most likely, we will soon see fights between Scholz and von der Leyen in Brussels, where Macron will engage in search of a new dialogue with Putin,” says the author of the material.

The observer emphasizes that the EC head has failed not only in the case of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, but also in the upcoming general European crisis, Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Who would have thought that a political figure like Ursula von der Leyen would be so useless? By definition, European Commission presidents must be quite incompetent and submissive to their masters, France and Germany. But few could have imagined that von der Leyen would be this awful,” the SCF text states.

It is emphasized that Italy will soon have to pay higher rates to creditors due to a series of measures by the European Central Bank. Since Italy is one of the founding countries of the European Union, “it is difficult to imagine this scenario without a change in the position of Macron and Scholz in their relations with EU officials and Russia.”

The author recalls that Germany has recently begun to show signs of a desire to move towards the normalization of relations with Russia.

“Recently, it turned out that the €9 billion aid package to Ukraine was delayed in Berlin,” writes the SCF.

At the same time, Germany could not transfer tanks to countries providing aid to Ukraine, despite previous promises.

“These aren’t just ‘cracks’, they’re real signals”“, the article says.

The beginning of the division of Europe

It is stated that the split in the EU may begin with a crisis in Italy, because, according to the author of the material, the departure of Prime Minister Mario Draghi is not only related to domestic economic reasons, but also directly to economic reasons. Pan-European actions in response to Russia’s special operation in Ukraine.

“It is possible that Italy was the starting point for some sort of disintegration of the EU as the coalition government collapsed. It is Italy that will fire the starting gun to change the EU’s policy towards Russia and the war in Ukraine.

It is stated that early elections in Italy will most likely bring a coalition of two right-wing groups supporting Putin to power. After that, other EU members can only see “the absurdity of Putin’s punishment” that has destroyed the economy of all EU members. It is also noted that the elections in Italy can lead to a chain reaction – “populist uprisings” in other countries that will frighten European elites and cause a full-fledged dialogue with Russia.

In addition, SCF writes about the upcoming split in relations between the USA and the EU. Above all, the author writes, this is due to Brussels and Washington’s actions in military support to Ukraine, because “Biden’s self-assured self-destruction in the November midterm elections would lead to a significant reduction in the role of the United States. Zelensky” supply of weapons to the It is also assumed that the “illegal sale of most of the American equipment to the Syrian jihadists” due to corruption in Ukraine will soon become known and the parties will begin to blame each other for this.

Movement towards peace

At the end of July, it became known that Klaus Ernst, chairman of the Bundestag Energy Committee, authorized the launch of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, as the supply through SP 1 is limited and Germany still needs Russian gas.

“In general, it does not matter through which pipeline the gas is delivered to Germany – it still remains Russian. In that sense, Nord Stream 2 is pretty symbolic,” explains Klaus Ernst.

On 28 July, the mayor of seven cities and one commune on the Baltic island of Rügen appealed to the German government with a proposal to consider the use of Nord Stream 2. The appeal states that the federal authorities’ way of abandoning Russian energy carriers is wrong, according to municipal officials. They believe that energy security and stability of fuel resources are long-term priorities for Germany, if it is not possible to use SP-1 capacity 100%, it is necessary to consider connecting SP-2.

Also in early June the edition of The Hill WroteThat the European countries are aware of the ineffectiveness of the economic crisis that has begun and the anti-Russian sanctions, which led to the search for compromise and the attempt to establish a dialogue with Russia.

“There is evidence that the opposite may happen: sanctions are hurting the Western economy more than Russia. The ruble hit a two-year high in May, and Russia’s exports of energy and agricultural products were yielding record high returns, largely because Europe and the rest of the world couldn’t do without them.

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz may clash with Brussels as they seek a new dialogue with Vladimir Putin. Politicians may have disagreements with European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, who has failed to interact with Moscow.

Source: Gazeta


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