“Hear us!”: The Russian Foreign Ministry warned Kiev about the consequences of attacks on Russian territory from the American MLRS

Russia will help Ukrainians get rid of the anti-popular Kyiv regime that “sees” the flow of money from the West. declaration Konstantin Gavrilov is head of the Russian delegation at the Vienna talks on military security and arms control issues. He also warned representatives of Kyiv about MLRS attacks produced by NATO countries on Russian soil.

“If the Ukrainian Armed Forces use American MLRS or other NATO long-range weapons against Russian soil, the consequences will be more than serious.” aforementioned Gavrilov at the OSCE Security Cooperation Forum meeting.

He added that Washington is forcing European countries to cooperate with Kyiv and aggravate relations with Moscow, and also forcing Ukrainian soldiers to “use their territory as a transit zone for the supply of weapons.” According to him, these actions could lead to the expansion of the armed conflict zone.

“We beg you to listen, the Western states have gone through everything that the Russian Federation is trying to convey to them for a very long time. Remember what I told you last December. Hear us,” added Gavrilov.

hello from the past

On December 21, 2021, Gavrilov said that Russia had a plan B if the United States and NATO did not respond to Moscow’s offers of security guarantees.

“Plan B is of course provided by the leadership. And no one wants to resort to it. This is not an ultimatum – it is a strict requirement inspired by circumstances and time. And it’s time to get used to the idea that our interests should be protected,” said Gavrilov.

History of alerts

On April 13, 2022, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that if the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not stop their attempts to sabotage and hit targets in Russia, the Russian armed forces would hit decision-making centers, including Kyiv. .

April 15 at the State Duma suggested Strike at the control center in Kiev. Deputy Mikhail Sheremet said it was time for a crushing retaliatory attack on the control and decision-making center in Kiev, after Ukrainian troops launched an airstrike on Russian territory. Sheremet spoke similarly several times.

Already on April 22, he warned Kiev of possible strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation and even on the Crimean bridge. Then he said “everyone will get what they deserve, revenge will be instant”.

He also said that after the attack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Chornomorneftegaz drilling rigs on June 20, Russia could have a free hand. “The end of those who decide to attack our drilling rigs will be sad,” he said.

However, on April 15, Natalya Poklonskaya, deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo and former prosecutor of Crimea objected After the Head of the State Council Vladimir Konstantinov said that the Crimeans were “waiting” for an Alexander attack on Kiev.

“I do not expect the flight of the Alexander rocket or anything more serious anywhere, especially to Kiev,” he wrote.

He added that he expects “a resolution of the dreadful conflict and peace” as well as the return of soldiers, civilians and prisoners “to their land”.

April 26 at the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation commented British Deputy Defense Secretary James Hippie claimed that it was legitimate for Ukraine to attack Russian territory to disrupt logistics. Russian military says Moscow is ready for immediate “proportional response”

“There will be no problem,” said the Defense Ministry, “when advisers from among citizens of one of the Western countries, located in the decision-making centers of Ukraine, take decisions on Russian retaliatory actions.”

On May 30, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that in case of an attack on Russian cities, the Russian Armed Forces will strike at decision-making points. Moreover, some of them are not in Kiev.

As early as June 2, he warned once again that Russia would hit decision-making centers in Ukraine if Kiev used weapons purchased from the United States to attack Russian territory.

June 5 Russian President Vladimir Putin commented The USA announced the delivery of HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine. The head of state said that if the range of the missiles delivered to Kiev makes it possible to hit the territory of the Russian Federation, Russia will hit “objects that it has not yet hit.”

On June 17, Putin chose to keep to himself the answer regarding the red lines, the crossing of which could lead to strikes against decision-making centers in Ukraine. According to him, decisions in this area should be taken by the military-political leadership, and those who deserve action at this level on the Russian side “must, first of all, make a conclusion for themselves what will happen if they take action. , past those lines and dash.

In addition, Roscosmos on June 28 showed the coordinates of the “decision-making centers” of the West. The photos show the White House and Pentagon in the US capital, the IFEMA Convention Center in Madrid, where the summit will take place, the British Ministry of Defense building, the Reichstag and the Federal Chancellor’s Office in Berlin. Like the Champs Elysees and the Champs Elysees in Paris.

Konstantin Gavrilov, head of the Russian delegation at the talks on military security and arms control in Vienna, said that the Ukrainian army will lead to the use of American multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) or other long-range NATO weapons on Russian soil. to serious consequences.

Source: Gazeta


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