Mas clashes with PSPV, tightens financing and demands definitive solutions

this Council Thanks for the additional income. Valencian Community by the state financing system for the next year, 2,835 million € this represents 26.5% more than received in 2022. At the same time, there is insistence on the need for a new model. This was expressed by its spokesperson, the Vice President. MoreFollowing the plenary meeting, in which he stated that “the Community cannot rely on short-term solutions to the financing problem” and demanded a structural solution from the central government.

At the end of the Consular plenary meeting, Mas was asked about the outcome of the Financial and Fiscal Policy Council (CPFF), attended by the Minister of Finance on Wednesday, David Spain. “The assessment from Consell is positive and we agree,” replied Crevillentina, continuing to break with some of the dissatisfaction raised by the allegations made by different autonomous communities over a new financing system.

A spokesperson for Consell clashed with PSPV in this regard, stating that the “reality” was: central government provides additional money to all autonomies, meaning that Community funding continues to be at the “tail end”. Explaining that Generalitat will continue to “demand” for what it describes as “a matter of honor”, Mas said, “We continue with a structural problem when we have to partake in health, education and social service expenses.” Valencian people.

In the complaints and claims section, the Vice-President revealed that each of the Community citizens will receive from the State 157 euros less than the average in 2023, despite the issue of the Government’s autonomy. Pedro Sanchez make your contribution higher. The figures per citizen reflect the different speeds at which the autonomies move and how the population factor affects the amount of resources that will be received by the State. The executive will allocate 2,676 euros to each Valencia, compared to the average of 2,834 for the country as a whole.

Mas’s speech contrasted with what had previously been pronounced by him. Ximo Puig About the financing system. For the head of the Generalitat, the central government offers “examples of progress” and ” valencia look». According to the PSPV-PSOE’s leader, the CPFF forum is addressing the request “not to stall the negotiations and to include the debt caused by insufficient financing”, which in his view amounts to “a general orientation to solving the fundamental problem”. Puig insisted that with “more resources” it would be possible to provide better coverage for job creation and welfare state guarantees.

In his appearance, Mas was also questioned about the goal of the additional money the Community would receive from the central government in preparing what would become the eighth month. botanical budgetsSome statements from Consell already say they will be “broad” in the face of the current complex economic situation. Crevillentina’s answer was on this line. With additional income, we will be able to meet the budgets that meet the needs of the citizens in a difficult year with inflation problems, increases in fuel and food prices,” he said.

Beyond one of the main topics of the week, the vice president is the employers’ association Aerte, Consell’s 50 million owed to private residences, who need income to cover their payroll this summer. The plenary of the autonomous government has approved a full payment of 12.8 million to pay off part of this debt, and Mas announced that an additional 10 million will be approved next Friday.

“We are working at a compelling pace to repay our debt to aged centers to companies,” said the vice president, reminding that one of the goals is to “end aging centers”. waiting lists» in addiction where the consequences of covid still persist.

CEV believes it is an attempt to delay system change

The Valencian Community Business Confederation (CEV) considers that the offer submitted by the Minister of Finance and Public Duties, María Jesús Montero, to the Financial and Fiscal Policy Council, that the Community will receive 13,540 million, is unfair. Despite the acknowledgment of the substantial increase in revenue from financing, “this figure does not change the fact that this region is still at the bottom in terms of per capita resources and, more importantly, hides an attempt to persuade us to this increase and delay the change in financing model again,” says CEV. President Salvador Navarro.

Valencia will be the autonomy where revenue from the financing system will increase the most in 2023, but «It does not escape us that we continue to be at a disadvantage with very unequal treatment compared to the rest of the Spaniards. to other regions. We cannot be satisfied with this solution,” says Navarro. “We want the firm commitment of the government and the opposition.” should be dealt with and resolved.

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