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Each Valencian will receive 157 euros less than the average in 2023 from the State


The Valencian Community exited the Financial and Fiscal Policy Council on Wednesday. As the Ministry of Finance announced, it is autonomy that will increase the most revenue from the financing system in 2023. It will receive 2,835 million more from the state compared to the previous year, increasing by 26.5% to 13,540. million, the highest number in history. However, starting from a disadvantage due to the distribution criteria of the current model, the increase does not serve to equalize the per capita resources each Valencian will receive from the Government with those of other Spaniards.

In total, there are more than 134,000 million people that the Executive plans to distribute to the country’s 47.3 million population next year. That is 2,834.42 euros per citizen. In the case of the Community of Valencia, it averages 2,676.87 euros per capita, 157.5 euros below the average for the State as a whole.

The department, headed by María Jesús Montero, has yet to provide an official breakdown of the amount each region will receive, but most of the autonomies describe the portion of the pie they have. This paper has compiled these estimates that show that the money whirlwind won’t help Valencians abandon the wagon in per capita government investment.

In fact, it is the community with the worst rate according to the available data. It should be noted that Murcia, the other big victim of the financing system, is one of the four regions that do not report income for 2023. It is the only region that can save the community from this red funding.

The figures per citizen reflect the different speeds at which the autonomies move and how the population factor affects the amount of resources available from the State. Thus, Cantabria remains the beautiful girl of the system: at 3,806 euros per capita, the Government allocates almost 1,000 euros to each Cantabrian more than the national average and 1,130 euros to each Valencian.

Other regions of evacuated Spain, such as Galicia, Asturias, Aragón, or Castilla-La Mancha, show significant differences with the Valencian Community. The first is close to 3,500 euros per person and the rest ranges from 2,998 per capita for La Mancha people and 3,389 for Asturians.

Catalonia is the other major beneficiary. It will receive €26,560 million, which is double that of the Valencian Community. The third autonomy that will have more money per citizen in the common regime, although it is the least growing (13.2%): 3,421.2 euros.

In any case, the increase in State contribution is important. Of the 134,335 million committed, it pulverizes the previous year’s 108,000 million and serves to increase per capita resources by 550 euros from 2,284 to 2,834. In the case of Valencia, the increase is 560 euros.

Moreno acts as an ally of Consell before Sánchez for funding

The financing debate proceeds in a different logic than that of political parties. A fact that was once again confirmed yesterday during Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s talks with the three regional leaders of the PP in Moncloa.

During the day Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (Castilla y León), Alfonso Rueda (Galicia) and Juanma Moreno (Andalusia) took. The three leaders brought it to the topic menu to address the need to reform the financing system, although they presented the differences that existed between regions according to the criteria that most benefited them in distribution, regardless of color.

Thus, Mañueco assured that the current model is a “bad model” that “harms” Castilla y León, but if the system were changed to the adjusted population criteria proposed by the Ministry of Finance a year ago, his community would be one of the affected and less resourced.

Rueda, another representative of emptied Spain, was less belligerent about it. It exposed the difficulties of accepting all autonomy and urged the regions to “give up”.

Meanwhile, Moreno acted as an ally of Valencian interests. Andalusia, along with the Valencian Community and Murcia, is one of the countries most affected by the low weight of the population factor. A claim that Andalusia made to Sánchez, who insisted he take “what suits him”.

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