The impact of the energy crisis on water management will be the focus of the Provincial Water Congress

municipality Albatera On September 15 and 16, IV. National Water CongressAn event sponsored by Diputación de Alicante and the University of Alicante (UA) in collaboration with this City Council, with the main theme of this edition being water, energy and the environment.

second vice president and vice president of the Water Cycle, Anna Sernamayor of Albatera and director of the UA Institute of Water and Environmental Sciences and chairman of the Organizing Committee, Joaquin Melgarejothis morning, they presented the details of this event where water issues will be addressed from both a planning and management perspective and a socioeconomic, legal and environmental perspective.

As Serna, accompanied by Albatera City Council representative Antonio Gutiérrez and its president, emphasized, the energy crisis and its impact on the management of water resources will be one of the issues to be analyzed in this edition. between Water Technologies Unit Miguel Fernández Mejuto from Diputación.

“Water, energy and environment “These are the three pillars on which the National Water Congress in Albatera will build this year, three topics that will be covered in more than 47 presentations by the most prominent national experts in the field.”

Melgarejo for his part, war in ukraine touched upon energy costs and stressed the importance of “the binomial of energy and water, since every cubic meter of moving water requires a certain amount of energy, which has a direct impact on the environment”. At this point, he emphasized that different experts will touch on the suitability of photovoltaic energy and “how reservoirs can be excellent energy accumulators in this sense and create an almost perfect circular economy relationship”.

Climate change, overuse of aquifers, productivity and SustainabilityTransfers, or sustainable desalination, will also be discussed in more than 40 communications and fifty presentations to be presented at this meeting, where more than 200 people confirmed their attendance.

The congress, which will also be presented via broadcast, will be opened by the President of the Provincial Assembly, Carlos Mazonand will be opened by the director of the Mediterranean Water Institute Foundation, francis heads, “Ecological flows. Review and comparison of proposals in Spanish hydrological planning”.

On this topic, the vice president highlighted the need and opportunity of this convention “because it will allow us to have a real-time picture of what the situation is and where hydrological planning is. Ministry of Ecological Transformation “He wants to evolve, something I fear will not happen unless there is reverse gear, a change in government,” he said.

In this sense, he criticized the arbitrariness of the decisions taken by the central government and the lack of technical criteria, for example the increase in population growth. ecological flows Tagus’s photo. “If this hydrological planning is done, the province of Alicante will be doomed to an absolute economic and environmental disaster,” Serna said.

The deputy also returned, regretful that there was no response from the head of the Generalitat, Ximo PuigFaced with this water policy, which is not based on any technical criteria and only responds to claims from other autonomous communities that Minister Teresa Ribera, President Pedro Sánchez and President Ximo Puig should defend us, ‘t.

this inscription It is free to follow the congress both in person and online, and the registration period will remain open until the first week of September.

Source: Informacion


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